6 California Chefs & The Traditional Scotch Egg


Crispy Hen Egg

The Scotch Egg is a classic dish, dating back to the Middle Ages in Britain, with the first recipe printed in 1806. While the meal usually features a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, covered with bread crumbs and fried, a new trend on the California food scene is introducing a modern spin with unusual egg variations, decadent updates and clever additions. Want to experience the latest Scotch Egg trend for yourself? Visit one of the restaurants below. (above photo: Crispy Hen Egg. Photo courtesy of Restaurant 1833).

Restaurant 1833

Chef: Chef Levi Mezick

Website: restaurant1833.com

Location: Monterey, California

Description: Chef Levi Mezick takes the traditional Scotch Egg to the next level with his “Hen Egg,”  wrapping it in prosciutto with brioche and truffle butter.

Trick Dog

Chef: Chester Watson

Website: trickdogbar.com

Location: San Francisco, California

Description: The team serves a Scotch Egg that is a soft-boiled egg with brandede, beet confit, salmon roe and crème fraiche.

cured egg yolk black pudding

Cured egg yolk with black pudding. Photo courtesy of Bergerac.


Chef: Chef Randy Lewis

Website: bergeracsf.com

Location: San Francisco’s SOMA district

Description: Chef Lewis takes a freezer cured yolk then wraps it in black pudding with a panko crusted outer shell to create his popular Bergerac Egg.

The Cavalier

Chef: Chef Jennifer Puccio

Website: thecavaliersf.com

Location: San Francisco

Description: Chef Puccio switches up the traditional recipe with with a duck egg served with stonefruit chutney and spicy greens.

Ways & Means Scotch Egg

Ways & Means Scotch Egg

Ways & Means

Chef: Conrad Gallagher

Website: wmoysters.com

Location: Orange, California

Description: Chef Conrad, originally from the United Kingdom, has put his spin on the seafood-centric Ways & Means menu. The restaurant serves a Caesar Salad with baby cos, crab meat scotch egg and sourdough croutons.


Chef: Charlie Kleinman

Website: wexlerssf.com

Location: San Francisco

Description: Their BBQ Scotch Egg features burnt ends, house made hot sauce and sweet tea gastrique.

*Written by Rebecca Pariser with edits by Jessica Festa