Lodi’s Wine & Roses Spa For a Soak, Plunge Pools, Sauna Time & More


It’s not an official or scientific test. Yet, generally, I can tell how good a spa is by the quality of their granola. When I go back for a second helping, I relax and trust that I’m in good hands. My granola litmus test at the Wine & Roses Spa was an accurate massage prediction. Both were amazing.

I arrived an hour early to soak in one of the spa’s two outdoor plunge pools.  After a late deadline and an early flight, I needed it. Under gentle pines and elegant landscaping, I watched the leaves fall beside me as a jet gave my back a pre-massage. Then I headed to the outdoor sauna with a looking glass door. Usually, I’m not a fan of saunas or steam rooms. I always feel so boxed in. But being able to see the lush garden through the glass, I felt expansive and relaxed. Pampered. At least for a hot minute before the glass door steamed up and my gorgeous view disappeared into a white fragrant fog.

After my steam, I waited in the octagon relaxation room for my massage. Indeed, I indulged in a few more spoonfuls of delicious granola. I appreciated that the lounge chairs faced away from each with either a fire or garden view. It relaxed me and felt so private not having to look across the room at someone else.

My masseuse arrived. She was tiny but mighty. I was invited to a lay down on a massage table with soft linens where she began to work her magic. There was an amazing flow to her massage. A series of hot towels kept me warm and relaxed my muscles as she dug in deep and relieved my stress-related kinks. Afterwards, I felt like I was walking on rose petals. At first, I thought it was just me. Was this really one of the best massages I have had? But when one of my travel companions unprompted said the same, we both knew it was really, that good.


Still basking in my after-massage bliss, I slathered on a caramel body lotion that smelled so sweet it satisfied my sweet tooth. Then in ladies changing room, I traded in my cushy bathrobe for heels, skinny jeans, and a satin top and headed to dinner smelling like “spa”. Underneath my relaxed smile, I silently wished that every day be like this.


*I was a guest of Charles Communications and The Lodi Wine and Visitors Center

*Photos courtesy of Wine & Roses Hotel