PMWC: Joining Hands to Realize Personalized Medicine


Brian Druker speaking at PMWC

The 5th annual Personalized Medicine World Conference is scheduled to kick off from January 28-29 in Mountain View, CA. On their website, PMWC references the National Cancer Institute as they define personalized medicine: “Personalized Medicine is a form of medicine that uses information about a person’s genes, proteins, and environment to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.” Above photo credit: PMWC International

Photo Credit: PMWC International

The idea behind this conference is to transform healthcare, there needs to be an adoption of personalized medicine on a global scale. PMWC’s ambition is to help bring together organizations across multiple sectors to realize this.

The PMWC’s committee features distinguished individuals including George Church, co-developer of the Human Genome Project; Kary Mullis, Nobel laureate & inventor of PCR (polymerase chain reaction); and Brian Druker, winner of the Lasker Clinical Award for his work in developing Gleevec.