Project Runway’s Cloe Dao in Action


A fun add-on to this year’s BlogHer event was the presence of Project Runway’s Chloe Dao. For those not familiar with Project Runway, its a reality show focused on fashion design and designers. Essentially, contestants compete with each other to create the best clothes in a restricted period of time with strict rules. There is also a set budget, materials and theme in which they have to work with.

Chloe won the second season with her collection of women’s evening wear. Many of the pieces in her collection featured billowing, voluminous sleeves, removable shrugs and strong brocade prints.

She set up a table at the final reception with stacks of brightly colored neon colored t-shirts and a handful of designs we could choose from. Chloe worked individually with women who were interested in creating their own customized t-shirt and provided pens, fabric stickers, scissors, blue and instructed us on the pattern each step of the way. I went with turquoise blue and neon green.


The event in action




Renee Blodgett, Chloe Dao


A few finished shirts on display below