Wearable Wonderland Charity Gala At San Francisco’s Old Mint on Dec 11


Wearable Wonderland is coming to The Old Mint in San Francisco on December 11, 2013. To celebrate the act of living this holiday season, 10% of all proceeds from the Wearable Wonderland event will be donated to a local charity.


The event will be the official Stained Glass Labs Holiday Gala celebrating the emerging Wearable Technology & IOT ecosystem. This exclusive event is poised to bring together over 500 top-­tier technology executives and innovators.

Wearable Wonderland will also feature over 20+ models fashioning the coolest wearable tech devices of 2013. Stained Glass Labs will award companies and devices for their notable innovations within the following categories:

  • Smart Glasses
  • Smart Clothing
  • Smart Watches
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Application
  • Stained Glass Labs Device of the Year


Wearable Wonderland Holiday Charity Gala

The Old Mint

88 5th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Tuesday December 10, 2013 from 8:00 pm-­12:00 am.