The Ultra Burger of NYC


Perhaps I am teasing myself because these juicy burgers are definitely not on my eating plan post-New Year’s, but just looking at the pictures of Chef David Boulud’s Original DB Bistro Burger makes me salivate.

One of the first ultra-burgers publicized in the United States, Boulud’s burger is juicy sirloin with a center of braised short rib, foie gras and black truffle. Need I say more?

While it’s no bargain bite at $32, I don’t think you will find a more memorable burger easily. It comes with either traditional French fries or “pommes soufflees,” which are crispy, house-made potato chips.

Of the many times I have dined at DB Bistro Moderne, I keep going back for the burger. The other items certainly show the kitchen’s craft, especially delicate preparations of fresh fish. But the burger… is what dreams are made from.

db Bistro Moderne on Urbanspoon