Hurricane Sandy: Wooden Buttons and Himane Sustainable Designs


hurricane sandy wooden button
(All images: Catherine Charlot -Himane)

Creativity often hits when we are faced with hard times. We respond to difficulties and disasters by getting up, brushing ourselves off and seeing how we can make the best of a bad situation. It’s one of the best things about us humans and what we think of and achieve never ceases to amaze.

Hurricane sandy tree

Catherine Charlot, the founder of Himane Sustainable Designs – she also does great bags from broken umbrellas) lives in New York. After Hurricane Sandy stormed into town, Catherine saw the fallen trees and an idea struck her around wooden buttons.

hurricane sandy wooden buttons making of

She took some of the smaller trees home, sliced them up and drilled holes into them. From a couple of blown over trees she produced a collection of beautiful wooden buttons which she has used on her new collection of upcycled bags.

hurricane sandy buttons

hurricane sandy wooden button bags Himane sustinable design

Such a simple thing and yet one that makes us smile. It wont undo the damage that was done but a little ray of sunshine in such a terrible storm is something to hold on to.