New York City’s South Bronx Is More Than Meets The Eye…Or Your Fears!


I recently went to visit a friend who lives in The Bronx and because he was close enough to the infamous and often feared South Bronx, I had to go. In a black camaro, off we went, he looking around for random gang members concerned about us, but also about his hot black camaro as well! Wouldn’t you be thinking of it if you lived there?

It’s an area of the New York City borough which include the neighborhoods of Mott Haven and Melrose although the neighborhoods of Tremont, University Heights, Highbridge, Morrisania, Soundview, Hunts Point, Longwood and Castle Hill are sometimes considered part of the South Bronx.

I have to say I was more than a little intrigued but for some reason, didn’t have the fear I was supposed to have given the “hood.” Since my friend has ‘become’ a Bronx boy, he wasn’t as nervous as he could have been had he been an out of towner and as for me, well, I just took it in stride. Throw a little love and compassion into the wind and what could go wrong? Truth is, nothing did but I suppose it could have, at least in a black camaro. We cruised, we stopped, I took photos from the window and we also got out and played around a bit.

Here’s that crazy black camaro and a whole lotta American stars in the heart of the South Bronx. No one bothered us and though a few people eyed our little ‘shoot,’ one guy offered a suggestion that was precisely on my mind at the time he offered the suggestion. “Turn that car around and you’ll get a helluva lot of better shots.” I was thinking the same thing. Whoever he was, THANKS for reading my mind and echoing “what could’a been a great shot” is what I was thinking and still am. We didn’t do the ‘car adjustment’ but we OH so had a good time.

The stars go a long way.

Hood, hood and more hood.

Did I mention the garbage?

And, the graffiti? Oh so cool!

More South Bronx, near the 6 Train near Jerome Avenue along Grand Concourse.

Throggsneck area of the Bronx near the Whitestone Bridge where they store the salt for winter.

Near Jerome Avenue.

Not in the South Bronx, but not far away in the Pelham Bay area of The Bronx on 3000 Buhre Avenue lies George’s Family Restaurant. Funnily enough, they call themselves a Greek diner of sorts, yet the waitress hadn’t heard of taramasalata. It’s more of a traditional New York diner, complete with waiters, chefs and owners who have that Bronx accent down pat. You can get everything from a carving board of roast sirloin or Baked Virginia Style Ham, panini’s, wraps, jumbo burgers, salads, Italian specialties, fresh seafood and something they call the Greek Corner?

A Greek corner without taramasalata? C’mon boys. They do serve gryos (which I ordered) and souvlaki but that’s the extent of their Greekness. They also do the traditional Chili bowl however and the place definitely authentic if you want a New York diner experience and happen to be in The Bronx.


  • Alexandra Maruri

    I’m a Bronx native & tour guide and I don’t know what to make of this article…

  • Travel/Food/Events

    Welcome places you suggest to visit – where to go, what to do while there. Also visited the zoo which was amazing.

  • Alexandra Maruri

    The South Bronx has a lot of history, we have the clock tower in Port Morris, The Bruckner Grill, Ceetay, Tirado Distillery, Port Morris Distillery and the Bronx Brewery… In Mott Haven we have the Historic row houses, St. Ann’s Church – there is a lot of history plus new restaurants, you really have to go with a native we are not all hood – We have history, culture and national landmarks… Please see my page when you get a chance…

  • Alexandra Maruri

    I also wanted to add I’m keeping an open mind – these type of articles help perpetuate the stereotypes, some of the lingo used in this article is somewhat offensive and almost like a mocking session of our residents and areas, I’m having a hard time reading it, also correction the 6 train doesn’t run by Jerome, it’s the 4 train…