Rediscovering Green Spaces in Brooklyn


(Image: Fastcoexist)

There are 596 acres of vacant public land in Brooklyn, New York. Which is incredible considering a football pitch is about 2 acres. So imagine nearly 300 football pitches and all that land is just going to waste.

It’s lucky 596 Acres have come along then isn’t it?

596 Acres was set up by a group of gardeners in Brooklyn who were sick and tired of seeing unused lots going to waste when communities are calling out for green space in the city. So they went online and found out (from publicly available government records) which sites were vacant and publicly owned.

(Image: creativity103) 

Then they made up placards like the poster above and put them up on the fencing (which keeps the community out) of the lots. So far they have inspired and helped three communities to get in touch with their council and legally gain access to the land.

There’s a lot of unused land out there, let’s go make it useful.