Seasonal NYC For Authentic Austrian Cuisine in the Heart of Manhattan


When you think of New York City, you think of a myriad of different cuisines from around the world, however Austrian food wouldn’t likely be the first one on your list. Having been to New York a million times over the years, I’ve landed in Ethiopian, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Indian and Russian, all on a fairly regular basis.

Recently, I discovered Seasonal Restaurant in Manhattan’s mid-town by accident since the Austrian Tourism Board chose this fabulous Austrian restaurant as their venue for their New York City media meet-up. I couldn’t resist an appetizer entitled Pochiertes Ei, which is a soft poached egg served with lobster, hen of the woods and pumpernickel. Yum!!

Others went for the Griessnockerlsuppe, which is a light consomme served with brown beech mushrooms and semolina dumplings.

Mid-way through, we tried the Beinfleisch, which is essentially short ribs, salsify, pumpernickel and hefeweizen sauce. They brought out a 2011 Tegernseerhof T26 Federspiel Wachau, an Austrian wine, to pair with all of the dishes except for the desserts.

After the ribs, one person opted for the Cornish hen with cabbage, egg yolk and paprika (very common in Eastern Europe btw), but the majority of us either had the Rainbow Trout served with tomato, apple cider and celery root or the more traditional Wiener Schnitzel, which is the well renowned Veal Cutlet, which they served with potato, cucumber and lingonberry.

Potatoes anyone? Don’t show up here if you’re on a diet — the food was ohhh sooo good!

Is an Austrian meal ever complete without dessert? We had Kaiserschmarrn, which are crumbled caramelized pancakes with apple compote and Apfelstrudel, which is a granny smith apple served with raisins and cinnamon. Oh so very Austrian!

A Little Background on the Chefs:

We met and spent some time with Wolfgang Ben, one of the chief chefs who presides over the restaurant. Over the years together, Wolfgang Ban together with his partner Eduard Frauneder have perfected their own modern take on Austrian cuisine – one which combines traditional techniques, contemporary innovations, and updates to some of their favorite childhood dishes.

Both chefs pride themselves on maintaining the utmost quality in their cuisine, and therefore, consistent with its name, the kitchen uses only the freshest seasonal ingredients. Also cooking the day we were there was the Chef De Cuisine Arno Mueller.

Apparently they’re behind another New York City restaurant in the East Village called Edi and the Wolf, which is on my list to check out on my next New York jaunt.


Seasonal Restaurant

132 West 58th Street

New York, NY 10019
between 6th & 7th Avenues