Be Prepared For Your Neighbors Collaborative Kitchen Consumption And Sharing Kitchen Equipment


(Image: Cheap Kitchen Appliances)

Collaborative consumption is coming to kitchens. And no, I don’t mean people eating together. I mean people sharing their kitchen equipment. In the same way that we can share cars, share our homes and share our bikes, we can now borrow blenders and lend our loaf tins with our neighbours.

In Portland the Community Kitchen Tool Library is opening with some kitchen equipment that many want but few possess: pressure cookers, knife sharpeners, bread machines, popcorn makers and even cider presses. These can all be borrowed for personal use and then returned, just like a regular book library, meaning that we don’t all have to buy our own and nor do we have to give up our homemade bread, popcorn and cider nights!

This is a truly great idea and we hope it becomes much more widespread. If just so we can borrow our neighbour’s cider press!

(Spotted on Treehugger)