Cindy’s Diner in Fort Wayne, Indiana



cindysWhen you’re traveling, there are plenty of options to grab breakfast at a chain (Starbucks, anyone?) but those who stop off the highway and amble into downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, there’s Cindy’s Diner — specifically, at 830 South Harrison Street, (they’ll be rolling the diner on over to 203 West Berry Street right about now).

Don’t expect any frills. What. So. Ever.

This is a classic diner – mom (Cindy Sheele) is the waitress, pop (John Scheele) is the short-order cook and you sit on a stool at the counter that stretches to accommodate a dozen or so customers. Everything’s shiny chrome, red Formica and ’50s vinyl. Tunes on the jukebox are still 25¢ each. If the weather’s nice, you can take your meal outside to one of the picnic tables.

Cindy’s diner has a signature dish: garbage. (Yeah: you’ve got to have a healthy dose of self-esteem to choose that name for your top breakfast pick). It’s a hearty meal: ham, onion, cheese, scramble eggs and more cheese. And be sure to order a Murphy’s Doughnut.

cindys-dinerYour Road Trips Foodie didn’t order the garbage special, however. My two eggs “over easy” came with a side of toast and jelly. Boring, yes, but just what I wanted with my coffee that morning.

Hours are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. Once they’re back up and running at the new location, that is.