Globus, Where Natural Flavors Meet Romance in Idaho’s Sun Valley


When I arrived in Sun Valley Idaho for the DENT Conference, I knew I’d have extra time to take in some of Ketchum’s fabulous restaurants, so I started to ask around. While there were a host of favorites depending on who you talked to, Globus, which has been around since 1992, came up regularly as a favorite among locals. After having dinner there, I can certainly understand why.

Unique in that it feels like Asian Fusion upon first glance mixed with all things natural, Executive Chef Ryan Stadelman goes a step beyond to make his dishes a little more adventurous.

Stadelman, together with Sous Chef T.J. Sonner, prepares seasonal menus using regional products. Some choices on the menu include Lava Lake Lamb Dumplings, Wild Alaskan Salmon with Charred Artichoke Puree and Cider-Soy Marinated Pork Tenderloin. There are also the Globus mainstays such as Crispy Fish, Green Thai Curry and Pad Thai. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget calamari with dipping sauce and lime.

Other scrumptious finds include the ranch pork dumplings with leek and parsnip topped with mandarin ponzu and ginger, the braised niman ranch beef and scallion crepe, which is served with red cabbage, carrot, green apple, cilantro and koji sauce, the coconut gulf shrimp (a favorite) which is served with spicy carmelized pineapple, avocado and macadamia snow, and the sweet potato gnocchi, which is served with crispy brussel sprouts, mulled cider sesame pecan crumble and sage.

They offer gluten free options as well and for vegetarians, they have various choices including fresh salads made from seasonal butter leaf with asparagus, cucumber “noodle” and other options.

Here’s what my mouth savored for hours throughout the evening, although sadly the shots I took in the very dimly lit room won’t do these dishes justice. First, I started off with the Coconut Gulf Shrimp, which was served with a spicy carmelized pineapple, then I dove into the Stuffed Ahi Tuna roll, which was served with dungeness crab, avocado and pickled ginger, then my favorite, the sweet potato gnocchi with crispy brussel sprouts, served with a brown butter, mulled cider and a sesame pecan crumble/sage.

Lastly, I experienced the ever so tender Smoked Pacific Black Cod, which was served with roasted cauliflower, shishito, onion consomme, miso glaze and candied garlic. It had a hint of smokiness to it that is hard to describe, but so easy on the palette. I’d also recommend their grilled lava lake lamb chop with barley mushroom risotto, roasted red peppers, edamame, fennel confit and a red charmoula jus.

Our waiter paired us up with the perfect sake and wine to accompany our dishes. Did I mention that all desserts are freshly made in-house? I took a boat load of photos including the desserts however sadly they’re too grainy to post because of the dark light. The good news is that we had fabulous ambiance because of it however the downside is that my shots don’t show off just how scrumptious the dishes are as you can see from the above images.

We love this place and would definitely return. Next time you’re heading to Sun Valley for skiing, hiking or just to relax, make sure Globus is on your list.

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Globus | 291 6th Street E, Ketchum, Idaho 83340 | (208) 726-1301

Note: I was hosted by the restaurant but all opinions expressed here I can assure you are entirely my own.