Halloween Trivia: What You Didn’t Know About Pumpkins



Today is Halloween, you know, the day of ghosts, ghouls and pumpkins.  What a better time to share with you top five unknown pumpkin facts (and one big, fat Franken-lie) to get you into eating this seasonal fruit (yep fruit, not vegetable – you can have that fact for free) instead of just carving it up and leaving it on the doorstep (although that’s not to say that we don’t love carving pumpkins too).

Freckle remover
Pumpkins used to be recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites. I don’t know about you but I actually like my freckles. And my snake bites.

bowl cut hair

Hairdressing tool
Need a haircut but cant afford to go to a salon? Just do as the American early colonies did. Cut off the top of a pumpkin, stick it on your head and trim around it. Neat, round and uniform. But by no means stylish.

Food or mats?
Well, both. The Native Americans flattened strips of pumpkins, dried them and made them into mats. Clever.

pumpkin seeds

Healthy seeds for healthy seeds
Apparently the seeds can help avoid prostate cancer in men. So don’t chuck them in the bin when you’re done scooping and carving, have a nibble instead.

Elephant sized
The biggest pumpkin ever grown weighs in at 2009 lbs. That’s over a ton. About the same weight as an elephant. You’d have to be a pretty big pumpkin fan to eat all of that bad boy.

Home sweet pumpkin
The reason we carve pumpkins at Halloween is because, although they might taste nice, they are actually filled with ghosts and goblins who live inside them and this is the only way to let them out.

Top image: elanaspantry, last image from foodthinkers.