Henry Cloke’s Power of Zero Design Merges Car and Bike (Well, Sort of)


(All images: Henry Cloke)

Bike share schemes are all the rage these days. Stick a pin in a map of the world and if you find a country that hasn’t got one then we’ll give you a free bike.*

So it’s no wonder that young designers are thinking up new ideas for traveling around our cities based upon this popular transport sharing concept.

One such designer is Henry Cloke, a recent graduate from RCA. His design, Power of Zero, is a two seater electric vehicle that sits somewhere between being a car and a bike in terms of size and cost. But in terms of design doesn’t look remotely like either.

Designed for short city journeys and powered by electricity this ringed vehicle can only reach speeds of 10mph and can carry up to two people. Perfect for whizzing from one meeting to another.

The two rings that form the wheels and the overall structure can be pushed together, one inside the other, making the vehicle flat,  perfect for city parking.

Well, it isn’t really parking. It’s more like stacking. They fit neatly into a storage cylinder, ready for the next user. The vehicle version of deckchairs, if you will. And just like the Boris Bikes, they could be positioned around the city for you to grab whenever you need, then fold up and stack away when you’re done.

The wheels are hidden inside the two hoops and are only exposed at the bottom (to stop you accidentally leaning against them and ripping all your hair out). And to stop it from toppling over, the battery is stored under the seating area and shifts around to keep the vehicle balanced.

God knows how you steer the thing but boy, does it look cool.

The future of shared city transport looks hooped and stackable. Excited? We are.

*We won’t actually give you a free bike.