Letter to Our Dear Mr. President


President-obama-and-familyDear Mr. President,

This is one of your smaller supporters. I don’t have a lot of money. I aspire to having a lot of money (don’t we all?) but right now I’m a small business owner. I’m a grandmom (mom to three – grandmom to two), a woman of the sixties, and a wife.

I’m looking forward to the DNC this week. I watched the RNC and I was disappointed by much of it, but not surprised. Ann Romney is a delightful woman – wife, mother, grandmother – though not small business owner. I don’t feel that she understands me, at all. Mitt Romney seems like a good man – good husband, good grandfather, and (so they say) good businessman. Together they make a nice couple. Which doesn’t qualify them to occupy the White House.

The same can be said for you and Michelle. You’re a nice couple. I like both of you as people. But, just as being a nice couple doesn’t quality Mitt and Ann to be in the White House, neither does it qualify you and Michelle to be there.

What qualifies a person to be president is his or her focus on America as a member of a world unit, not as a country by itself. It’s an ability to create jobs, to support women because our issues have so often been neglected or ignored, and to bring foreign policy to the meetings you have with people of other countries. There’s a lot more in all of those things, but let’s use those three things as the umbrella of why one person is better for the Presidency, than another.

I’m voting for you, again, because I believe you’ll put forth all the effort you have to make America better. I believe you support women and women’s issues (truly, and this will anger some people, I have to wonder how much a family of all boys gets the women’s issues thing… no, daughters-in-law don’t count and even Mrs. Romney doesn’t count… she lived and lives a privileged life, with no connection to those of us who sometimes wondered where our next meal would come from and why even when we worked as hard as the men in our office, we were paid less), and I believe you will continue to support America in your foreign policy, with an eye on the whole world, not just our little corner of it.

Here’s the thing – the Romney’s don’t seem to want to play nice in the sandbox, as we like to say in the middle-class. He wants to RULE. Because America is GREAT! Here’s the thing, if you’re really great, you play nice with other people, you support other countries, you give the poor a helping hand (sorry, Mitt, they can’t go ask Mom and Dad for money – there often isn’t a Mom and Dad to ask), and you don’t dictate. That’s called dictatorship, I think.

I’m writing this for a specific purpose beyond telling you why I want to see you win another four years in the White House. It’s to say – why aren’t you tapping into US – your devout supporters? Will we see a middle-class woman speak at your convention? Will you skype in someone who can tell the world why she thinks you’re the best choice – without name-calling or lies. You do use social media… I follow several pages supporting you on Facebook. But, I don’t see any real engagement.

Why aren’t you engaging your constituency? Why aren’t you taking the best and brightest posts and
White-house-dog remarks and using them in your commercials? I don’t get it.

Every commercial I see is scripted and has definitely been edited by your campaign managers, no doubt. They’re not real. They’re not today – they only reflect how I feel, about 10% of the time. I want to see your supporters saying, “Here’s why I’m voting for Obama – he’s made my life better, he’s supported the middle class, he believes in women’s issues, and he makes me happy to be an American.”

That’s it. Just getting that off my chest. I’ve had enough of the whole Bain thing, the whole “Mitt isn’t a good businessman” and “Mitt is against abortion at all costs”… Now tell me why you’re better and show me some people I can identify with – people like me, sharing their thoughts, unscripted.

Yes, I give you permission to record the real supporters and only use the ones that reflect the best of what you’re about. As a writer, I understand editing.

Thanks for listening to me.

p.s. A few pictures of the family with Bo wouldn’t hurt

  • twaveler

    Amazing that someone who has done all he can to pit one American against another, cares less about businesses except what he can squeeze out of them, could get your vote again. Fool you once shame on them, fool you twice, shame on you