New Orleans Style Crawfish Boullettes for a Food Orgasm Baby


Crawfish Boullettes

For those who enjoy farm-to-table fare and cultural cuisine, Eat New Orleans is a must when visiting New Orleans. Everything is made from scratch except for the bread, although even that features a unique spin as they’re one of the only — possibly the only — restaurant in New Orleans to grill their French bread.

As an appetizer, I recommend their savory Crawfish Boullettes. Like a crawfish hush puppy they’re hearty and rich, made with fresh crawfish, bread crumb stuffing and spices. Dip them into Eat New Orleans’ housemade spicy remoulade, made without mayo. They’re so delicious, my waiter informed me most people order it as an appetizer AND an entree. Eat New Orleans is a must for anyone wanting to sample fresh and delicious New Orleans food.