The Joule for a L’il Luxury in the Heart of Dallas


I stayed for a night in downtown Dallas at one of the city’s many luxury hotels. The Joule is centrally located in the city of Dallas (it’s right on Main Street!) and offers a number of amenities and luxuries to make just about any stay in Dallas a special one. Everything about the hotel is, to put it simply, cool.

I was first attracted to the hotel because of it’s promise of a rooftop pool and bar. But when I arrived at the hotel, I was immediately impressed with the level of cool throughout the hotel. This was more than just another luxury hotel—this was an elegant surprise! Why would I describe a luxury hotel as hipster-cool? Well, if you visit The Joule, you’d quickly see for yourself…

10 reasons why The Joule is cool

  1. Valet parking is free if you drive a hybrid car. Or if you get the super nice guy who was there when I showed up!
  2. There’s a rooftop swimming pool.
  3. The rooftop swimming pool is actually bigger than the roof. It sticks out over the sidewalk below.
  4. They’ve got a Twitter account (@thejoule) and a blog!
  5. The hotel offers a car service to anywhere within a 5-mile radius. Just provide a tip for the driver!
  6. The Joule’s rooftop bar will make anyone feel special on weekend nights.
  7. Suite-style rooms come with a full martini set if you decide to shake your own cocktails.
  8. Original artwork and photography throughout the Dallas, Texas hotel
  9. The Dallas hotel is owned by Tim Headington, a Hollywood producer famous for films like Hugo and The Tourist.
  10. The Joule is named after the international unit of energy—the joule!
  11. **Bonus** There’s a rooftop swimming pool!

This hotel is über-cool. It’s trendy, it’s classy, it’s fun and it’s elegant. If you don’t believe me, just look at these photos and see for yourself. The luxury hotel is in a renovated 1920s building but with a name like “The Joule”, the hotel incorporates a lot of contemporary and modern design into each space. And if you visit in the Spring of next year, you’ll have the chance to check out their $78 million renovation which includes a new spa, terrace and underground nightclub. Yes, an underground nightclub in the same hotel as a rooftop bar. The Joule is likely to remain the place to be from top to bottom!

The Joule

1530 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201


Disclosure: I was a guest of The Joule luxury Dallas hotel but all opinions are my own.