This Week is Climate Week: What To Know, What You Can Do…


(Image: PA via TheTelegraph)

This week is Climate Week and there is all sorts going on up and down the length of the UK. While we spend all year Recycling and Pedaling The Pedals, Climate Week is a chance for the whole nation to highlight the issues at hand, see what is being done and think about future changes for the country.

By focusing on the positive actions that people are already taking, this week is a chance to celebrate good green people doing good green things and bring communities together.  There will be events all over the country, including talks, workshops, training sessions, open days, exhibitions and even parties in a bid to inspire the nation and to get people together to help bring about change.

Whether you decide to do something within your workplace, school, mosque, street or church, getting together, chatting and having fun is all part of the deal. You might decide to go Easy On The Meat for a week, hold a pub quiz, organise a bike ride or Plug Out and have a no power hour.

You can set up your own event or head along to one that has been organised by someone else. To find out what’s happening in your neck of the woods, check out the events section on the Climate Week website.