Walk Raleigh: City Walking Made Dead Simple


(Image: Newsobserver)

If Matt Tomasulo came into our office, I think we’d have to give him a round of applause due to his guerilla campaign, Walk Raleigh.

Annoyed at his city government’s attitude towards a walking friendly city, Matt decided to take matters into his own hands. In a bid to encourage his community to start Walking The Walk instead of driving everywhere, he posted 27 signs around the city which all gave directions and estimated walking times to various landmarks and attractions. The signs were taken down after a month but the city council have approved a measure to reinstall them as a pilot project.

We feel inspired by Tomasulo’s campaign because not only is he a massive fan of walking he actually went out there and did something proactive and down right genius to get his whole town walking too. And seeing the turn around he caused makes you pretty hopeful about what can be done anywhere.

And if that is not enough to get you up and walking, then have a read of this.

(Spotted on Treehugger)