Seasonal Brussels Sprouts, Yes Even in December


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When it comes to Brussels sprouts you probably know at least one thing – whether you love them or loath them.

We wanted to broaden your Brussels knowledge (it might make for a useful diversion at the Christmas dinner table when your aunt asks why you’re still single/your nan farts/your uncle is drunkenly staring down your mum’s top) so here are 5 facts you probably didn’t know about this winter vegetable. And we’ve thrown in a festive fib too, just for fun. See if you can spot it.

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Elderly sprouts
Only 19% of sprouts are bought by people aged under 45. Which leaves me wondering about the future of these poor green balls.

Sailor sprouts
Captain Cook made his crew eat sprouts to combat scurvy.

World record sprouts
The most Brussels sprouts eaten in one minute is 31 and was achieved by a Swede called Linus Urbanec in 2008. Nice work Linus.

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Carpet sprouts
The UK produces roughly enough sprouts to carpet the square mile of the City of London.

Famous sprouts
Kate Winslet loves sprouts – While filming Holy Smoke in Australia, seeing sprouts made her homesick. “I went in, I saw sprouts they were massive and I just really wanted them.” Bear Grylls does not like sprouts – he actually prefers raw goats’ testicles to sprouts. Well, sprouts are pretty disgusting.

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Renewable sprouts
Christmas day is always eagerly awaited by wind farm owners as the huge quantity of Brussels sprouts eaten, and the bodily affect that this has, means that their turbines are spinning all day long. The more sprouts you eat, the more renewable energy there is. Fact.

Enjoy your sprouts this holiday season. In fact, enjoy them right round until the end of their season in March.  Seasonal sprout greetings to you all!

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