5 Fun Tips for Working with Brazilians


1. Brazilians see personal relationships as the foundation of business success.

Establishing a rapport is the first step toward building the trust that is the cornerstone of business relationships.

2. Brazilians have a relaxed view of time. Since time is seen as something beyond human control, lateness is tolerated.

Arriving an hour late for a party is typical. Given this free-flowing view of time, meetings seldom start when scheduled.

3. Brazilians emphasize how something is said as much as the words spoken. They pay attention to eloquence and speaking with flair.

They may use hyperbole, assuming their colleagues will understand it as an exaggeration.

4. Never use the “Okay” symbol in Brazil as it means something vulgar. Instead, use the thumbs up to indicate approval or agreement.

5. Brazilians are tactile communicators. They often put their hand on the other person’s arm, hand, or shoulder when speaking.