Peru: Top Ten Simple Albeit Great Things About Cusco


There’s so many things to love about Cusco – here are ten simple but beautiful things to get there.


1: Food.

Cuisine in Cusco is one of the best things about it. The variety, diversity, presentation, taste, all of it.

2: Weather.

Many people will tell you that the weather in Cusco sucks. I disagree. There’s no better feeling than listening to the rain as you drift off or getting under the covers with a book.

3:  Stray Llamas:

You got to love ‘em, they’re freaking llamas.

4: Bakeries:

Brownies cakes and cookies, oh my!

5: Mamitas:

The women in the market are extremely friendly (most of the time), and make going to the market at least 10 times better.

6: Almost no sun.

Because getting sun burnt sucks.

7:  Alpaca sweaters and beanies.

Sure, they may be touristy, but it feels like a giant layer of warm marshmallow on your body. Oh god the softness…

8:  It’s quiet (most of the time, at least).

Being in a quiet area lets you get more work done and relax, although sometimes it’s too quite, and you feel like Slenderman is watching you as you sleep.

9: It’s safe.

This one is obvious, as I’m almost never in the mood to be robbed.

10: Llamas.

I know I already said llamas, but c’mon. It’s like if you crossed a giraffe and a pony, and then gave it the ability to spit really far and made it have eyelashes. What’s not to love?

By Miro Siegel

  • Kody Goodwin

    Is it the climate that causes almost no sun?