A Guatemalan Cultural Celebration For Dia de Los Muertos


After the Kite Festival in Guatemala, we were headed toward Antigua where we intended to stay the night, when traffic suddenly stopped. Slightly annoyed at the interruption in our journey, I figured I would at least go check out what was going on (we could hear music blaring.)

I walked up with some of the kids, but as we approached, the music was so loud that Atlas was scared and wanted to go back to the truck with dad (the speakers filled up the back of a large flat bed truck!) Suddenly we saw a bunch of costumed dancers in the street. I don’t know what it represents, or why they do it, but I do remember seeing a similar performance in Panajachel the year before.

It was so hot, the dancers must have been sweltering in those costumes, especially with all the movement they were doing. I kept wondering what kind of dehydration issues they might be facing later. They weren’t going anywhere, so we kept watching…

IMG_1980    IMG_1991

And watching…

And watching…

I wondered if they were ever going to stop. Drivers on both sides were already honking and angry. They chose to close a major road, creating a forced audience.


I decided to return to the truck, and soon after I heard the band stop playing (I thought it was a CD this entire time, but the band was in the back of another truck.)