For the Calendar: New Mexico’s Annual International Balloon Fiesta in October


I’ve never been to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico but would love to attend this year. The event is meant to spectacular and the sky something you’d fall in love with even before the balloons hit the sky.















Set every October, you will be marveled into a new dimension as countless colorful balloons hit the New Mexico skies. Be sure to put it on your calendar.





















There are also great stories, like Hector Corominas from Spring Hill, Florida who looked to his wife and made a major life decision that created Sky Gypsy Ballooning in 2011. He chose to become a hot air balloon pilot. A year later, Hector and wife Teri Corominas are a dedicated hot air balloon team planning to return to Balloon Fiesta for years to come.

It will be held from October 5-13, 2013 in case you’re in America’s Southwest or could be…..

  • Sandra Himes

    I have been reading about this even a lot lately and would love to make plans to go. The pictures on this site are really pretty. It is amazing how many hot air balloons can be in the sky at the same time. The reflection of the balloons in the water is just beautiful. Love your post!