For the Yank’s Obsession with the Superbowl


It seems as if all of San Francisco as I know it is consumer by the Superbowl today – all day. It’s as if nothing else matters – nature, food, sleep, sex, kids or any other activity. For the yanks out there and anyone else caught up in this madness, here’s a casual fans guide for the Superbowl and it’s world.

The Best Players to Root For - Who is Ray Lewis?  Is that the guy in The Blind Side?  Does that Kaepernick guy really have a tortoise?  Even if you don’t know a single player, we’ll tell you who to cheer for.

Pick Six: People you will run into at a Super Bowl party – You’ve met them before and you’ll met them again. Adam Rank introduces you to the type of guests you’ll run into at any Super Bowl party.

FAQ: A guide to everything you need to know about SB XLVII - Afraid to ask if the Harbaugh brothers are twins?  Scared you don’t know where the Super Bowl is played?  Don’t be.  We answer all your Super Bowl questions.

10 Tips to Throw an Awesome Super Bowl Party - Want to plan a great party. A Hollywood event planner shows you how in ten easy tips.

America’s Favorite Game: Super Bowl winners - See who won every Super Bowl with this board game inspired graphic.