Golf Lovers Can Play Under The Midnight Sun At The Arctic Open


Have you heard of a golf tournament called the  ARCTIC OPEN? No, it’s not played in Greenland or in the Siberian winter.

This tournament is a 36 hole (two days of 18 holes each) played in Akureyri, Iceland, the third week in June every year from Wednesday through Sunday, on the certified, (by the St Andrews golf registry) northernmost 18 hole golf course in the world.

Guests playing in this tournament from other than in Iceland can only tee off after 8:00 PM so they are sure to be on the course playing Golf at MIDNIGHT under the midnight sun.

Play is governed by the Stableford golf points system. There are divisions for scratch and net players, for male, female and seniors (over 62) with three top awards in each division. It gets better still. You arrive in Iceland early Wednesday morning (you can come earlier if you like) but whenever that is you are met at the international airport, assuming it’s on the Wednesday then driven from there to a special  “get-acquainted” Viking breakfast. from there a brief tour of the world’s coolest capital city, then to the domestic airport for a 45 minute flight to Akureyri, home of this tournament now in it’s 28th year.

For those interested in attending next year, it’s a seamless trip. You met at the airport in Akureyri, taken to your hotel, guesthouse or apartment and then off you go to the mountainside gold course for a practice and familiarization round of 18 holes. On the Thursday, the tournament starts but not before you are registered, have a chance at a welcome social to meet all other players and golf staff and just about 4 PM, “let the tournament begin” Stableford scores are posted as teams finish, 24 hours a day. Your tee off time the second day is determined on how well you did the first day. Most often there are two beautiful midnight suns and temperatures in the sun are about 60° degrees, absolutely beautiful for golf, anywhere in the world but especially in northern Iceland. The winners are known early Saturday, a great day for a tour of the area before the Grand Banquet and awards ceremony in the early evening. Mark your calendar golf lovers: late June every year.