Hamburg Offers Culinary Orgasms For Foodies



germany_hamburg_culinaryNorthern Germany has many culinary treats. With a total of twelve Michelin stars, Hamburg’s restaurants measure up to some of the best eateries in the world.

However, Hamburg’s culinary traditions are most authentically kept alive in neighborhood restaurants, where traditional dishes use basic regional ingredients such as fresh sea food, cabbage and kale, potatoes, apples, pears, green beans and smoked bacon.

At Fischereihafen, a family-run waterfront restaurant specializing in sea food, patrons experience fine local dining, while Seepferdchen in a former storage hall of the old fish market, is known for its authentic setting and fresh catch.

On Saturday mornings, locals flock to the former fishing harbor (Fischereihafen) for the restaurants, unique atmosphere, and to buy fresh sea food from the many wholesalers on site.

Visitors to Hamburg should be sure to sample the tiny North Sea shrimp, often served with eggs, in soups or in salads, and the wildly popular fish sandwich, a local snack consisting of a fresh roll with baked, pickled or marinated fish.

From June 15 until August 31, 2014, 59 of Hamburg most renowned restaurants will be serving specially priced multi-course meals during the 16th Annual Culinary Summer (Schlemmer-Sommer).

Smoked eel anyone? Every Sunday from 5 a.m. all kinds of sea food is for sale, alongside household items, fresh cut flowers, fruit baskets and even small animals at the legendary Hamburg Fish Market. Opened in 1703, Hamburg’s most traditional market is now a popular place for early risers, night clubbers and bargain hunters who come for fish rolls, beer or the traditional Sunday jazz brunch in the former fish auction halls (Grosse Elbstrasse 9).

(Photo courtesy of Hamburg Kulinarisch)