Lopburi Thailand’s Infamous & Scrumptious Macaque Monkey Festival


Every November, 20 chefs from from some of Bangkok’s top hotels prepare two tonnes of grilled sausage, fruit, vegetables, ice cream, milk and jelly for over 1,000 very hairy and somewhat ill mannered guests. The town of Lopburi in Thailand celebrates its Monkey Festival every year laying out a lavish banquet for its local population of Macaque monkeys.

Buffet tables at the San Pra Kan shrine are loaded with food as the monkeys dive into the feast, leaping from table to table snatching food and gulping down drinks – can you imagine the sight?

This time of year, they’re a bit over the top so you’ll find monkeys grabbing things from tourists, leaping out of buildings and scaling walls and of course diving into the feast that the chefs have prepared for them once a year on this very naughty but hilariously funny celebratory day.

The annual feast is also in honor of Rama, the hero of the epic legend Ramayana (Rama’s Journey), who rewarded his good friend and ally, Hanuman the Monkey King, with the fiefdom of the town of Lopburi.

Photo credit: worldfestevaldirectory..com.