Spain’s Annual Albariño Wine Festival In Late July


spain_cambados_albarinoIf you are enamored of white wine, you should add this Spanish festival to their travel itineraries.

The Albariño Wine Festival takes place in the Galician town of Cambados, Spain, July 31 through August 4, 2013, to celebrate the Albariño grape.

The Galicia town of Cambados is celebrating its 61st annual Albariño Festival, where homage is paid to this distinctive white wine, famous around the world. More than 50 wineries are expected.

The history of Albariño Wine Festival starts in the 50′s, when a group of friends decided to hold a competition in which each wine grower would present his wine to prove who was the best the best albariño.

(Photo courtesy of Concello de Cambados)