World Design Forum & Dutch Design Week Back-to-Back in October


At this year’s Dutch Design Week, there will be exhibitions and creative conversations centered around this year’s theme NOW FUTURE. From 19-26 October 2013, nowhere will be presenting an exhibition, an interactive installation and workshops inspired by one particular question… What Breakthrough Question will unlock our co-creative potential? 

Prior to the Dutch Design Week, on Friday, October 18th, the fourth World Design Forum held in Section C in Eindhoven. 

This year’s theme is ‘Design and the Essential Economy’. WDF During 2013 we will start a search for an intelligent economy, an economy that is better equipped to meet. Meet the challenges of our time The forum is moderated by Isolde Hallensleben.


WDF provides inspiring examples of applications in the essential economy; Government Digital Service Cabinet Office by Ben Terrett, Social Innovation Lab Kent by Emma Barrett ’ Service Innovation for Train Travelers’ by Geke van Dijk and Additive 3d-printing by Daan Kersten.