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The Foodie Guide to Chattanooga Tennessee

July 19, 2016 by  

Let’s face it – if you’re a foodie, regardless of your preferences, you can’t deny that the South has so many unique specialties and dishes to make your mouth water. On our trip across country last year, one of our favorite restaurant picks was located in Tennessee as was a memorable dish we nearly didn’t order: waffles with deep fried chicken, blueberry honey, blue cheese and yogurt. Oh so delish and to die for is the best way to sum up this artery hardening experience! Returning to Tennessee after months of a very low carb diet was nerve wracking. After all, I put on a lot of weight after several weeks of cross country restaurant reviews – read my write-up about how I took it off again and how I kept it off.  
So, what do you do if low carb dining is an integral part of your lifestyle and you’re a foodie? And, what do you do when faced with a fabulous restaurant you’re dying to try that has a lot of high carb dishes on the menu? Of course, you must try some of them (how much…

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The Top 10 See, Eat, Do Guide to Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta

July 16, 2016 by  

One of things that I love so much about Mexico is its vibrant colors regardless of where you go in the country. Recently, I headed back to Puerto Vallarta, which while a popular tourist hot spot, there are ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Even when walking along the infamous El Malecon, Puerto Vallarta’s downtown waterfront boardwalk, if you choose an off-time, you can have a relatively quiet walk, capture fabulous photographs and make some worthwhile food stops along the way.   If you make Puerto Vallarta a long weekend getaway from America’s West Coast (and why not? It’s only a few hour flight), then here are ten fun things to explore on the ground:

1. Malecon Boardwalk

While it may be fairly central and loaded with tourists, it’s still an interesting place to walk down, especially at night. There’s a vibrant culinary and arts scene along the boardwalk, which is lined with sculptures and local work. There are also quaint shops and food stalls to explore along the way. At the end of the boardwalk, there’s…

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Vanessa’s Dumplings in New York City’s Chinatown

July 16, 2016 by  

When I stepped into the bathroom at the Chinatown Dumpling House, Vanessa’s, I was pretty taken aback, too.  While it was absolutely covered from ceiling to floor with graffiti and stickers and looked like something out of pre-Giuliani NYC, it was immaculately clean, and smelled of a fresh wiping of Clorox bleach.  Go, Vanessa’s, go! bfe366a0-5a41-4bdd-a615-67eb54e77a1a8862bbcc-7580-41e8-9703-9f3e6fc2ff7147b3faf6-7722-4159-9aa5-9edee6a63cf9 Don’t leave without trying the dumplings.  A meal here is crazy cheap (mine came in at $7.25), is super tasty, and while it’s not exclusively vegetarian, they certainly have enough items on the menu to cater to the veggie eater.  Add this to your radar of cheap eats in the city.  And don’t forget, Chinatown bathrooms > subway bathrooms, always.


Vanessa’s Dumplings  |  

118A Eldridge Street

New York, NY 10002

Hyatt Carmel Highlands Offers Sweeping Views of Big Sur

July 15, 2016 by  

I’m typically not a fan of chains, even high end ones, largely because I often feel that there’s very few unique characteristics to a property. Of course, I have been proven wrong on this view point a number of times, most notably at one of our favorite Ritz Carlton properties: Dove Mountain in Arizona, which we reviewed last year and has a big wellness focus, which is very integral to WBTW’s focus: Transformative Travel. Earlier this month, we had an opportunity to experience the Hyatt Carmel  Highlands property in Carmel California, a lovely oasis nestled into a mountain and surrounded by trees, all while also boasting epic views of Big Sur and the Pacific Coast. What we love most about this Hyatt is its natural surroundings and the fact that it looks out onto the ocean — a mix of large hotel amenities with the charm of a unique hotel getaway. This lovely oceanfront hotel is 3.2 miles from Carmel River State Beach and less than ten miles from Cannery Row, which for those who haven’t been, is a must do for shopaholics. Also here are great cafes and restaurants as well as beautiful ocean walks.

What We Loved

The natural wood burning…

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Eating Our Way Through Poland’s Gdynia With Eat Polska

July 14, 2016 by  

  Photo credit: www.dvo.com. (Not on the tour but a classic Polish dish) My fourth visit to Poland took me on an exciting new adventure that I concocted in my mind during a history lesson at Ards Tech in Northern Ireland. You see, I remembered the “Free city of Danzig” (once an autonomous region protected by the League of Nations), it wasn’t part of Poland, it wasn’t part of Germany and it wasn’t part of Russia from 1920 – 1939. It was its own wee off the wall micronation if you like. Here, in 2016 however, the city, now called Gdansk is of course part of Poland and the country’s main seaport. It also is home to some great food delicacies! Backpacking in Gydnia, Poland It wasn’t the history of Gdansk and touring the sights that left me hanging, however but the delicious Polish food. Not actually in Gdansk itself, but slightly north in Gdynia. I went on a Food Tour with Eat Polska. The tours are limited to just 6 people to make the most of the experience and get a detailed understanding of Polish food and culture. You can do the tours in…

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The Ultimate Foodie Guide to Puerto Vallarta Mexico

July 6, 2016 by  

Foodies, get ready to get take notes for your next trip to Mexico. Meet me in Puerto Vallarta and let’s start tasting! There’s more than meets the eye in this popular Mexican destination. Here’s a list of recommendations and I’ll start with one of my favorite presentations before we even go deep.

Cevicheria El Guero

They do a great job with basic but delicious tacos, chicken, fish and jalapenos of course, but what they’re most well known for is their Ceviche, most notably the Mahi-Mahi ceviche, which was top notch. Yum! We also tried Smoked Marlin as well. They cure many of their ceviche dishes in lime — also carrot, green pepper and green chili. Oh so wonderful! It’s been around since 1989 and they’re open every day until 7 pm.

Local Taco Stands

Two taco street stands worth call outs include TACOS ROBLES, which is a Birria Taco Stand on Constitucion Emiliano Zapata. This was by far my favorite spot for standard classic tacos — it is a family run taco stand and it’s obvious that the grandmother is the artistic genius behind the recipes. It’s been around since 1986 and…

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Big Jud’s For The Best Burgers in Boise?

July 4, 2016 by  

Big Jud’s has the best burger in Boise, Idaho according to Yelp and a few other sites. Me and fellow burger seeker John decided to swing by and give it a try. On a Friday evening it was packed. The board featured the 1 pound and 2 pound burger challenges, where you ate either with a similar amount of fries in 30 minutes and got a t-shirt (for the 2-pound) and your picture on the wall. Of course Adam Richmond  had been there and taken the 2-pound challenge.
But how was the normal burger? I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger ($6.49) from our very friendly server. John had the Bacon Burger. We also ordered Small Fries ($2.49) and Onion Rings ($2.79). We sat and looked around the restaurant as we waited for our food. The tables are steel-topped and the seats red naugahyde. It is a fast-food-style place that is a step up with the table service. Very nice.
The burger arrived with ketchup, mustard, pickle chips, onion, tomato and green leaf lettuce. I got the onions grilled. The griddled patty weighs 1/3 pound. Add a second patty for $2.50. The burger presented very well.

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New York City’s Natsumi Tapas for Italian & Japanese Fusion!!

June 30, 2016 by  

When I heard about a restaurant opening in Gramercy that fuses Italian flavors with Japanese sensibility (read: plates that won’t leave you in a food coma), I knew I needed to give it a try.  So the hubby and I headed downtown to Natsumi Tapas, a restaurant focused on small plates for grazing and larger plates for sharing, in typical Spanish tapas/Italian family meal style.  With the lighter feeling of Japanese cuisine, of course.  Pretty brilliant, right? Like me, you may be wondering how exactly Italian and Japanese tastes marry together–seems like a bit of a strange concept for the palette, but I promise you, it’s a delicious pairing.  There are many ways to experience Natsumi Tapas–pick your pleasure.  Perhaps it’s the Natsumi Grilled Salmon with tomato sauce, olives, capers, scallions and bok choy, or maybe Ciao Meatballs are more your style–light and airy beef in a variety of sauces: parmesan cream, spicy teriyaki basil pesto, and spicy scallion marinara.  For my fellow vegetarians, you’ll enjoy Green Tea Ricotta Flatbread covered with arugula, sliced grapes, tofu, king oyster mushrooms and a drizzle of truffle oil and balsamic reduction, or the Grilled Shiitake Penne with truffle cream sauce,…

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