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Understanding Vegetarian Foodie Choices on the Road

October 7, 2015 by  

For all the vegetarians out there, in honor of Vegetarian Awareness Month, here’s an exploration of how travelers committed to the vegetarian diet and lifestyle can partake in the pleasures of travel, especially the culinary ones.

Benefits of being a Vegetarian Traveler

A Taste of Health aptly states that “[v]egetarian and vegan travel [gives] people the opportunity to travel responsibly in a way that is aligned with the principles to which they adhere in daily life.” While some might see vegetarianism as a mere dietary choice, vegetarianism (and veganism) can actually extended a larger collective effort to be responsible stewards and citizens at home and abroad, supporting choices, practices, and vendors that are ethically and environmentally sound. vegetarian diet Photo courtesy of zi3000 via Shutterstock.

How can one incorporate a vegetarian diet while traveling?

Across the board, experienced vegetarian travelers recommend doing your homework and planning ahead. On a large scale, this might mean choosing destinations that are inherently vegetarian-friendly (see below). On a smaller scale, travelers can consider shopping at local farmers markets, preparing their own meals when possible, grazing throughout the day instead of relying on large meals for sustenance, and researching restaurants ahead of time…

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Where to Wine, Dine & Hang Your Hat in Lake Placid New York

October 6, 2015 by  

I grew up in the Adirondacks albeit a little further south than the more frequently hit tourist area of Lake Placid and the surrounding area, largely because it was once home to two winter Olympics. This fact alone no doubt added to the increased number of restaurants in the area, which isn’t always readily available when you go a bit off the beaten path. When your trip is about nature and the outdoors, chances are that you’ll wind up in a destination where the food is only mediocre and your choices are limited. While that may be the case with the Adirondacks in general, there are plenty of gems in upstate New York, including farm-to-table and chefs who have won awards at four and five star properties and then moved on to more well known restaurants. Our trip to Lake Placid centered around the outdoors and with kids in tow to boot, so food options had to be kid-friendly and accessible. We dined well in the region and have come up with a round-up of fun and delicious eateries, cafes and restaurants for your “to dine at one day” list when you next head to this stunning region. If you’re…

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5 Great Wine Bars in Richmond Virginia

October 4, 2015 by  

richmond Photo courtesy of Sean Pavone via Shutterstock. The quaint little city of Richmond, Virginia, may be best known for its many local breweries, but it has a thriving wine bar scene, too. From the bustling village of Carytown to the up-and-coming historic neighborhood of Church Hill, there are plenty of unique and friendly spots to enjoy a glass of wine and a snack, or three, in the Virginian capital.

Here are five great wine bars in Richmond Virginia:

richmond Photo courtesy of Secco Wine Bar.

1. Secco

Sleek, stylish and centrally located along the thoroughfare of Cary Street, Secco is a highlight on the Richmond wine scene. Settle in with a bottle of one of their small-production, terroir-driven wines and a charcuterie plate for a relaxed yet sophisticated wine bar experience. Plus this Carytown bar is open late seven days a week, so it’s the perfect spot for a night cap, too. richmond Photo courtesy of Dutch and Co.

2. Dutch and Company

With pressed-tin ceilings and vintage mirrors strung wall-to-wall, relative newcomer to the Richmond fine dining scene, Dutch and Co, embodies…

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Beyond Baltimore’s Crab Cake Culture, From the Arts to the Sea

October 2, 2015 by  

I may be biased of course since I originally hail from the East Coast and spent my childhood summers there, but spending time back East makes my heart skip a beat when the weather is warm, the air balmy and the moon and stars sharp. Her soil, her air, her energy, her vibe, her sunsets, her clouds and her skies all resonate with me more intimately than anywhere else in the country. In our research and outreach, a few were surprised (more astounded) that we were going to spend around 4-6 days in Maryland, half of that time being in Baltimore. I couldn’t help but thinking “were these folks not proud of their city enough to react with more of a ‘how cool that you want to give Baltimore so much time?’” And, while our evening sunsets may not be the deep rich sunset you might get in the west, bit sure doesn’t disappoint, especially with the harbor in the background. There’s plenty to keep you dive under the hood so to speak and are prepared to wander into known and unheard neighborhoods. We feel that you need to give a destination time, not just to…

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Tips on How to Travel Sustainably Around the Globe

October 1, 2015 by  

trees   I was born with the travel bug. As often as I could, I was off visiting and re-visiting places near and far, soaking in sea air, language, and culture. But as my eco-conscience grew, I realized that my growing collection of seashells and jet-fueled flights might be satisfying my wanderlust at the expense of the environment. Because my wanderlust was simply impossible to ignore, I turned my attention to sustainable tourism. Photo courtesy of Ståle Grut/Unsplash

Eco/Geo/Green/Sustainable Tourism

No matter the name, the intent is the same: travel with the lightest environmental and socio-cultural footprint possible to maintain or improve conditions in all communities around the world and ensure their health for years to come. A lofty goal, but with a change in perspective and a little bit of effort, travel can be not only guilt-free, but rewarding in unexpected ways. It all comes down to planning and choices. Let’s start at the beginning. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a two-week vacation, or a backpacking trip, the most important thing on your mind will be your destination. Do you want hot or cold weather? Historic or rustic atmosphere? Nearby treasure or far-flung delight? Sustainably speaking,…

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How to Drink Wine That is Locally Produced & Eco-Friendly!

September 30, 2015 by  

green wine Photo courtesy of darwin Bell/flickr From detergent to dog cookies, it can be challenging to make decisions that take your beliefs and tastes into account while trying to be conscientious about the impact of your purchases on the earth. It’s much easier when someone else does the research for you. Here are five green wine alternatives to bottled vino that you might consider pairing with your dinner going forward.

Wine On Tap

Perhaps the best alternative, environmentally speaking. As the name implies, instead of individual bottles or other vehicles (see below), wine is delivered to bars and restaurants in kegs that hold the equivalent of around 25 bottles. The kegs are reusable, and they eliminate all of the glass, corks, boxes and other packaging inherent in bottling and shipping wine. Because the kegs are airtight the wine stays fresh for months, so restaurants can continue to pour by the glass until the entire keg has been enjoyed, further reducing waste. And if you want more than a glass? Your wine can be delivered to your table in a reusable carafe instead of a one-use bottle. Many producers of excellent wine, including the likes of…

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Tasting a Bit of Aruba is a Great Way to Experience the Caribbean

September 29, 2015 by  

There’s always something magical about attending a cooking class regardless of where the cuisine stems from! Let’s be honest — we love chefs, we love trying new things, we love culture, we love healthy bites with wine and we love FOOD! We had an opportunity to hang out with the Aruba Marriott Chefs at a cooking event in San Francisco recently in of all places, the North End. Tucked away upstairs next to the infamous City Lights Bookstore lies Cookhouse, which positions itself as a premier private dining venue for a culinary event. What a perfect place to bring in chefs from another country and show off their favorite dishes to a bunch of locals — it doesn’t get much purer than that if you’re going to stay on home turf that is, which was the case here. I knew a few of the other invitees from my travel circles and so a group of around 10 of us were divided up into two teams in the Cookhouse kitchen, or perhaps you could say the chefs let us loose after showing us a cooking demonstration of how to make Tuna Ceviche. Each team member prepared their own ceviche and then…

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5 Places for the Sweet Tooth on New York’s Upper West Side

September 28, 2015 by  

re’s something so nice about wandering back out into the city after a dinner at home and stopping by a bakery for a sweet treat, no?  This summer I’ve found myself wandering quite often to the gorgeous, brownstone-lined UWS neighborhood, and stopping at one of these five spots for a little something, something. 1. For Cookies: Levain Bakery Dense, moist, gooey…yep, pretty much describes the four cookie flavors on tap at Levain Bakery.  An UWS institution, this small bakery (easy to miss if you’re not looking!), makes in-house legendary cookies in the flavors of: chocolate chip walnut (my fave), oatmeal raisin, dark chocolate chocolate chip, and dark chocolate peanut butter chip.  One will set you back $4, but there’s enough ingredients packed into that thing that it’s totally worth it, promise. IMG_0594 2. For Crepes: Crepes & Delicies I stumbled into this place after yoga one night, and have been returning ever since.  There’s not too much that can top my dessert choice over a solidly made Nutella Crepe, and at $7.50 a pop, these guys do them right.  If you’re into the whole wheat crepe, they’ll make that for you, too.  The savory options are

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