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Head to Munaipata Organic Farm in the Bolivian Forest for Fabulous Organic Coffee

November 25, 2015 by  

Let’s be honest – I absolutely love a good coffee and we travel with our small coffee press and search high and low for the best coffee available at every new place we visit.  The Danish-Bolivian couple who run Café MagicK where we stayed recently, pay a lot of attention to the quality of their food and the presentation and the events they produce. Plus, we think they serve the best coffee in La Paz. After several deep conversations about the coffee standards, Stephan shared with us information about the beautiful organic coffee farm which supplied the cafe. Just then, we added another location to our “must-see” in Bolivia list. Early Saturday morning we boarded a bus for the three hour trip from La Paz to Coroico, where the Munaipata Organic Farm is located. We traveled over the new paved Yungas Road which was built in 2006 as an alternative to the famous Death Road where thousands of bicycle tourists test their fate every year. bolivia-bikes Our little bus passed dozens and dozens of helmeted mountain bike riders making their way to turn off to the original dirt road pass as we remained on the paved road. I looked…

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Drinking a Cuppa Joe From Around the World

November 22, 2015 by  

While the pumpkin spice latte abounds during this time of year, perhaps making it the ubiquitous American coffee drink, coffee beverages take on just as unique forms across the world. On your travels, try checking out a few of these to revamp your daily java intake.

Cafe Cubano (Cuba)

For those of you who like your coffee dark and strong, look no further than a café cubano, known for its jolt of caffeine tempered by a sweet top layer. The recipe is simple: a shot of espresso covered by crema, sugar that’s whipped with a bit of espresso — a “short and sweet” way to kickstart the day. Also known as Cuban coffee or un cafecito, this drink thrives stateside and in its native home. If you’re a coffee drinker who prefers their java on the even sweeter and creamier side, try a café con leche, a milk-based drink that pairs espresso with hot milk and sweetener–what is essentially the Latin American cousin of the French café au lait. coffee culture Photo courtesy of merc67 via Shutterstock.

Turkish Coffee (Turkey)

In a similar vein as Cuban coffee, Turkish coffee is known for its small…

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Are You a Cheese Lover? Head to Emmental Switzerland

November 19, 2015 by  

Let’s face it, Switzerland is fabulous. After a few fun days in Bern, it was time to stretch my legs and venture beyond city limits. Luckily, Switzerland is so well connected and Bern so central, that I had many options. Ultimately, though, my growling stomach made the decision for me and before it was lunch time, I was in the heart of the Emmental cheese route feasting on local delicacies. Basically in Bern’s backyard, Emmental has four show dairies from four different eras, all of which are within walking distance of each other. For example, the Küherstock cheese dairy dates back to 1741 when cheese was produced over an open fire (this still happens). Then there’s the Feuerwagen cheese dairy from 1900, the village cheese dairy from 1954 and the modern Show Dairy with new production facilities and an on-site restaurant. Here are a few tips to make the most of your culinary trip.

Get an Early Start

From Bern, take the 12-minute train to Burgdorf. From there, it’s a short drive (or longer walk) to the show dairies. If you’re planning to tackle the cheese route in a day like our group did, I highly suggest getting an early start. There are many points of…

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Where To Go For Your Cuppa Joe in Chicago

November 17, 2015 by  

Photo courtesy of Coffee Lover via Shutterstock. Gigantic, diverse and chilly for a large part of the year, Chicago has all the makings of a great coffee city. And it doesn’t put these attributes to waste: the Windy City is brimming with cozy cafes, chic espresso bars and independent roasteries. From the much-exported local pride Intelligentsia to the sophisticated, pared-back vintage vibe of spots like Gaslight, Chicago has the perfect spot for everyone to warm up over a mug of aromatic Aeropress or a creamy latte. Photo courtesy of Coffee Lover via Shutterstock.

5 Great Coffee Spots in Chicago

Photo courtesy of Intelligentsia. Photo courtesy of Intelligentsia.

1. Intelligentsia

A Chicago staple, Intelligentsia Coffee has a number of venues around the city, though you can’t go past their Logan Square location, only a few yards from the “L” station of the same name. With a wide, open bar that wraps around the whole cafe, Intelligentsia has a friendly and relaxed feel, and a staff that take pride in their coffee-making skills. This care and precision extends to their other products, too; I was delighted to see my Moroccan mint tea…

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A List Of Oh So Delish Coffee Around the World

November 14, 2015 by  

coffee travel Photo courtesy of baranq via Shutterstock. Though any travel destination could ideally offer a traveler a unique culinary experience, there is also something to be said for finding a culinary mainstay that transcends borders. Coffee culture is undoubtedly global in its scope, and for the coffee enthusiast, making this beverage a travel theme is easy to do. Read on for a few highlights in the coffee tourism scene.

1. New York City

For stateside travel, look no further than the NYC Craft Coffee Festival, tucked in Brooklyn’s Villain venue. For about $50 a ticket attendees can sample coffees from 20 different roasters, in addition to enjoying live music and snacks from the Brooklyn Biscuit Company and Underwest Doughnuts. Moreover, New York hosts hundreds of coffee shops, with the indie counter culture brands outnumbering big chains, meaning you’ll have access to a variety of interesting sipping experiences. The quintessentially on-the-go city, it’s no surprise that coffee culture is alive and thriving in NYC.

2. Bali

Indonesia is the third largest exporter of coffee, and coffee culture varies by region (and purpose, be it culinary, religion, or part of a beauty and wellness routines), often reflecting…

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Learn Sustainable Cooking at These 6 U.S. Hotels, Inns & Lodges

November 13, 2015 by  

Want to learn how to harvest oysters in the Virginia Bay or turn your freshly picked fruit into Hawaiian cocktails, these lodges and inns won’t let you leave without letting you gain some hands on knowledge about where your food comes from. Here are some fabulous choices for American lodges, inns and hotels where you can explore the world of sustainable culinary arts. food travel Harvesting Eggs at the Hen House. Photo courtesy of Carmel Valley Ranch.

1) Chat With Chickens & Learn About The Secret Life Of Bees (Carmel, California)

Looking for a playful resort experience with an evolving farmstead on California’s Central Coast? Thanks to a recent renovation, Carmel Valley Ranch offers dozens of activities to allow foodies to learn about the source of their food and help out on the farm. You can check out the Hen House near the organic garden with weekly Chicken Charts. You can suit up and enter the apiary with an interactive Beekeeping Experience to learn about the secret life of bees then taste fresh honey afterward or visit Bob “the Salt Guy” at the Salt House to learn about how he harvests nutrient-rich sea salt from the nearby Monterey…

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The Salzburg Food & Restaurant Guide

November 13, 2015 by  

Why is it that food always seems to taste better in Europe? Ever had that experience? I seem to have it every time I venture to Europe and fall upon casual hole in the walls that serve fresh delicious food at the oddest of times and in the oddest of places.  I was in Austria in October, and treated my palette in both Salzburg and Vienna - be sure to see my write-up on Vienna Restaurants and foodie delights. Salzburg, while not a global name in food, has some delicious options both inside the city center and on the outskirts, a region they refer to as SalzburgerLand, which couldn’t be more fitting. I’ll start my recommendations with a Michelin star stand-out, a 20-30 minute drive outside Salzburg, an easy jaunt if you have a car, and well worth doing as its open for both lunch and dinner and is on The Sound of Music trail. In the little town of Werfen, brothers Karl and Rudolf Obauer offer delicious treats inside their elegant restaurant, which is also joined to a hotel on the main drag on Markt 46.

Obauer Restaurant

We started our decadent luncheon with Quail Egg with Balsamic Apple…

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Five Great Cafes in Baltimore to Get That Caffeine Fix

November 12, 2015 by  

baltimore coffee Photo courtesy of Jon Bilous via Shutterstock. While planning a recent trip to Baltimore, I was disheartened when I did a quick Google search for coffee shops and received recommendations for Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. But that Google search was misleading, for my expectations were greatly exceeded once I arrived in Charm City. Baltimore may not have the reputation of a fine coffee city, but in reality there are plenty of excellent places to recharge in this historic town.

Here are five of the best coffee spots in Baltimore:

baltimore coffee Photo courtesy of Zeke’s.

1. Zeke’s Coffee

Zeke’s supplies coffee to a few of my favorite cafes in Richmond Virginia, like donut haven Sugar Shack, so I knew the coffee would be great as I headed out to their flagship location. What I didn’t expect was a charming little white-panelled house to be the site for its cafe and roastery. Free wifi and a simple menu of bagels, pastries and sandwiches top off this Moravia-Walther spot. baltimore coffee Photo courtesy of Dooby’s.

2. Dooby’s

A trendy, open dining space in the heart of the city’s Mount Vernon arts…

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