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8 Great Mobile Social Travel Apps

October 22, 2014 by  

social travel apps Social media and apps have drastically changed the way people travel. No longer are vacation-goers privately booking their flights, grabbing their guidebooks and sharing their trips only through photo albums. Nowadays, it’s all about sharing trip details, seeking help from strangers and interacting as much as possible along the journey. The following apps are especially designed to make your trip more social, before, during and after. wehostels


WeHostels Like Facebook for hostel and budget hotel booking, WeHostels is one of the top social travel apps allowing travelers to interact with hostelmates before leaving home. With over 50,000 accommodations across 800 cities, you’ll open the app and choose your city to be brought to a list of top-rated hostels and a map with their locations. When you click a hostel you like, you’ll be able to view photos, information and reviews — as well as a limited view of who will be staying there when you are. Once you book, you’ll be able to open these potential travel friends’ profiles to browse their interests and send them messages to plan meetups and potential day trips. It’s a…

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Canva On iPad For Creating Great Designs On The Go

October 21, 2014 by  

Whether you are a social media professional or just a professional in any career -  graphics is an important part of presentations, events, group, online and meeting communications.  In the past expensive and complicated graphics software was needed to create and “size” graphics. I have been following and learning about social media from Guy Kawaski for years and recently he shared information about Canva as a great website to create graphics. I started using Canva for my social media and professional graphic projects and was thrilled at how easy it was for even people like me (graphically challenged).  I just received a press release that Canva is now available on the iPad, which makes it even easier to create graphics on the go!
“Canva makes it amazingly simple for everyone to create professional quality graphic designs. Its online design platform brings together a simple drag-and-drop design tool and a library of more than one million photographs, graphics and fonts, allowing anyone to take an idea and present it beautifully in print or online. Canva can be used to design almost anything: presentations, posters, blog content, cards, online marketing materials, invitations, flyers and so much more. 
 Key Features: “Design for…

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9 Great Mobile Travel Apps For Your List

October 19, 2014 by  

Here are some great travel apps worth noting, most of them mobile apps.


One of the most confusing things about travel can be mentally converting costs from your home currency to the local currency, and understanding how much you’re actually spending. XE Currency is my favourite app for this: it uses live currency rates and allows you to calculate prices with your smartphone on the go. It also has historical currency charts, so you can track your costs from last week or last month at the correct exchange rate.


Useful whether you’re travelling or have friends living across the globe, the World Clock app does what it says on the tin: an interactive map of time zones across the globe, as well as daylight saving times.


My favourite site for an initial sweep of flight prices, Skyscanner searches the web from airlines to deal sites to find the cheapest option for flying to your chosen destination. It’s a good way to see what’s out there all in one place, and there’s also a cool option to pin your search to your start screen and keep an eye on…

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Underground Cellar Helps Wineries Sell Wine Online

October 6, 2014 by  

I recently met Jeffrey Shaw, CEO of Underground Cellar, a startup focused on helping wineries sell wine online. He and his team has developed a great technology platform to allow wineries to market themselves and sell their wines but it is also using its own platform to sell wine on behalf of many wineries — using a clever business model. Shaw explained that when wineries want their help to shift certain wines, Underground Cellar will taste the wines first and then agree to sell a set number of cases and take a sales commission. It always asks the winery to give it additional cases of some of its other lines, often high-end expensive vintages, and those are used to reward its customers. When customers order wine, they have a chance to win additional bottles for free, equivalent to what they have ordered, or better. The probability of winning extra bottles is shown each time in real time. [All it needs (below) is some revolving cherries to create a virtual one-armed bandit.] DSC00019 Customers used to have to wait until their order arrived to see if they had won but Shaw says telling…

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The Magic & Simplicity Behind Magellan’s Echo Smartwatch

September 27, 2014 by  

Magellan, a leader of innovative GPS devices for vehicles, fitness, outdoor and mobile navigation, isn’t just about GPS. They also offer the very cool (and colorful) Echo smartwatch, which has sporting applications like golf, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. One of the things that really jumped out for me in our research was that the Echo watch offers a lot more variety than just white and black. The smartwatch also comes in a sophisticated gray, blue, orange and bright pink. The Echo Smart Sports Watch leverages the power of both a smartphone and sports-related apps. It uses Bluetooth Smart to connect a smartphone and watch, putting the power of a smartphone right on the user’s wrist. Echo is compatible today with the iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S and Android. Whether you’re a skier, golfer, runner or simply a gym rat, there is an app that keeps you informed and in control. Pairing with your favorite sports app, you can receive information that streams from your smartphone directly to the smartwatch in real-time. They easily can keep track of their running pace, the distance to the green, or maximum speed

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Functional & Fun Miggo Camera Straps For Your DSLR & CSC Cameras

September 25, 2014 by  

I discovered the very fun and functional Miggo camera straps for DSLR and Mirrorless (SCS) cameras at a CE Week event in New York in the early summer. It’s a great way to comfortably carry your camera around your neck while keeping it protected at the same time. I had never seen a solution like this and loved their creativity. When done shooting, you simply wrap miggo around your camera to protect it from scratches and damage inside your personal bag. In other words, it serves as a camera strap which then morphs into a compact and padded camera carrier. The Miggo comes in 7 different colors or patterns.  The below images give you an idea of its flexibility and diversity. Its modular adaptor method makes it suitable for most camera and its multipurpose steel screw serves as a secure connector, and also allows you to connect to a tripod while miggo is attached. There’s also a hidden inner pocket for your lens cap, which is incredibly handy and it’s compatible with almost all of today’s Mirrorless (CSC) and DSLR cameras on the market, and a wide

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Coleman Dome & Modified Dome Tents, A Great Choice For Summer & Fall Camping

September 24, 2014 by  

Travelers likely know the name Coleman. After all, they’ve been around for a long time, so they’ve likely used a product or two over the course of their travels.  For most of the camping trips I’ve taken over the years, I’ve slept in a two man tent or a classic dome tent which comfortably sleeps two but could sleep three in a pinch. Because of an extended trip through New England this summer, I decided it was worth trying a larger tent that could be used to sleep families (4-6 people) with enough space for a table to prepare breakfast or have coffee in the evening if the weather is cool or it’s raining out. Meet one of Coleman’s larger tents, the Coleman Evanston Screened 8, which we tested out this summer. The tent is designed for simple setup and easy carrying and is perfect for car camping and long camping trips. The tent even has a screened porch where you can sleep on warm, dry nights, another reason I was interested in trying it out. If it rains, the tent is designed to hold up to the weather which is

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Great Design Meets Beauty With Foreo’s Luna Mini

September 16, 2014 by  

I discovered Forea at a consumer electronics event in New York earlier this summer and fell in love with their fabulous design – they don’t just focus on high quality performing products, but pay attention to how they’re made and how they look as well. Their LUNA face brush is designed to give you clearer, brighter and healthier-looking skin by getting rid of the dirt, oil and makeup residue at a deeper level, while not being too harsh. It also helps to clean pores out of blemish-causing impurities. The colors are also fun – pink, blue, magenta, purple and a cool gray. The Luna mini is available for around $139. We’re very curious about their upcoming toothbrush, which we’d love to test out when they release it. Have a look! Aren’t you curious as well?

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