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Busy Lifestyle or Always Traveling? The Dyson V6 Absolute is a Godsend

July 11, 2016 by  

Dyson has been around for awhile and no doubt, if you love a clean home, you’re heard of the brand. Why? They’re known to have “super suction” and have a variety of stand-up models, including cordless models. Dyson machines now have smaller multiple cyclones than ever before, which create greater centrifugal forces and capture more microscopic dust (this is critical if you have allergies) than any other cyclones. Those if you who have had to push one of those heavy vacuums around know, they’re clunky, hard to move around and can’t make it under tough to reach spots. I’ve always struggled with finding a great vacuum and two I purchased in the last ten years still don’t work that well. As you know if you’ve ever had to push one of these around, normal upright vacuum cleaners have fixed wheels and run on a fixed axle. They also move in straight lines, a bit like a push mower. A Dyson Ball machine is different in that it rides on a ball, pivoting on a single point, which allows the machine to move in any direction. That’s the first godsend but once you get down to different models, there’s a whole…

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Go Ergonomic & Comfy With Goldtouch Mice & Keyboards

July 5, 2016 by  

If you happen to be a serial techie, you probably think of Logitech or Microsoft when you think of keyboards and mice and likely know that both offer ergonomic solutions as well. I often find that lesser known brands have unique offerings that are a little more tailored and offer features that the big players don’t for a myriad of reasons. Recently, we discovered an interesting brand that has a wealth of offerings in the ergonomic space — meet Goldtouch, whose range is broad enough that there are plenty of smaller more versatile options that make great choices for travelers. First up is a super stylish wireless mouse that is oh so comfortable — the Goldtouch Bluetooth Comfort Wireless MouseDesigned to mirror your hand in a weightless environment, the unique shape of this ergonomic mouse helps to keep your wrist at a natural 24 degree angle to alleviate pressure on tendons and joints. Truth be told, I am on a keyboard often and unlike my developer friends, it’s not coding — it’s everything from search, surfing and uploading photos to writing, editing and a little magic from ordinary photos. After days of this, especially on the road, my hands and…

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A Parents Guide to Pokémon Go

July 3, 2016 by  

What started out as a nice walk between my son and I a few days ago ended up being an important discussion on Internet and gaming safety. My son kept looking at his phone and I asked him why! We usually have a no screen time when there is family time rule. What was taking his attention and making him risk breaking the no screen time rule? It was a new mobile game/app, that unless you have unplugged completely from all technology and news, everyone has heard about: Pokémon Go.

 What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a Augmented Reality game where players need to actually walk to move their avatar in the game. The concept is family friendly, the battles are cartoon “Pokémon” style battles.  It is a fun game that takes kids (and adult) outside or one that they can play on the move.  Players look for PokéStops and Pokémon gyms which are usually at meeting places and attractions.  While the game is *free*, there is in-app purchases that parents need to be aware of. The game was developed by Niantic labs with the Pokemon Company and Nintendo. Niantic’s CEO said the goals of the game were to inspire “exercise, see…

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6 Off-the-Wall Technology Products for the Avid Traveler

June 27, 2016 by  

Modobag Technology is weird by definition and travel, as you can observe by clicking through the articles on this channel, can be pretty darn weird, too. It should come as no surprise, then, that travel tech is a decidedly weird sphere.
Then again, the following weird travel tech items are nothing, if not surprising. OK, perhaps occasionally a bit scary and mind-boggling, as well. You might find it difficult to pinpoint exactly which of these pieces of weird travel tech shocks and amazes you the most.

1.  The Suitcase You Can Ride

Are you too lazy to drag a rollaboard suitcase behind you, but too strapped for time to rent one of those motorized carts every time you visit an airport? If so, Modobag is the luggage for you. Although Modobag boasts a host of interesting features in addition to its ridability, its main selling point is that it allows fully-grown adults to play choo-choo in crowded public places. The epitome of laziness—and of fun!

2.  Movie Theater Glasses

More and more airlines are installing seat-back entertainment systems, but if you want the ultimate private viewing experience,

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5 Ways To Give Your Smartphone a Luxe & Elegant Look!

June 24, 2016 by  

You carry a cell phone around everywhere, right? It goes with you to work, to the gym and when you travel. While we’re huge advocates of keeping them at bay when you talk and in another room when you sleep (use a safe tubular earpiece connector and put your cell phone on Airplane Mode when it’s on your body — be sure to read our write up on EMF concerns), it’s hard to do without our phones. Truth be told, we use them for Skype, messaging, surfing the web, watching videos, listening to music, email and more, so with a device that is that prolific in our lives, why not give it a luxurious looking skin? We discovered several brands we love where both the quality and design made our cut for top cell phone accessories in the oh so luxe and chic category!!

Piel Frama

This Spanish brand offers a number of stylish and elegant choices for your cell phone and for other items, like business cards, wallets and trinkets.In other words, they’re not just about making your cell phone luxe, although I’d argue that this “carry all” leather case could also serve as a great carrying…

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Phantom Glass Screen Protectors Make Shattered Screens a Thing of the Past

June 16, 2016 by  

We discovered a useful product find for avid travelers with smart phones. Meet Phantom Glass, a tempered glass screen protector designed for smartphones, tablets, and cameras. Phantom Glass is made using the most durable tempered glass, which ensures that Phantom Glass will resist most impacts and scratches, and ensures that your device is protected. The glass protector is also engineered so that in the event of breaking, it does so in a what that is 100% safe to the touch. There are no hazardous shards of glass or sharp edges. Bravo!
Their proprietary and patent-pending silicone nano-adhesion layer ensures that Phantom Glass installs in under 30 seconds, with no bubbles, liquids, or special techniques. To use, simply align Phantom Glass with your device, and Phantom Glass will install itself. The silicone nano-adhesion will never leave gross residue on your device when removed, which we found to be a great feature.
Unlike any other screen protector out there, Phantom Glass is treated with a specially engineered oleophobic nano-coating to ensure that fingerprints and residue wipe off with ease, another great feature as we’ve had “fails” with other products in the past. This coating is applied using a unique

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Let Grillbot Clean Your Grill While You Relax!

June 15, 2016 by  

Meet one of my favorite products for the home since my “falling in love”moment with the iRobot, which I now can’t imagine living without. We even called him Rocky – yes, really — we wrote about it back in February. Meet the next best thing, but for grill lovers — Grillbot, which we now call RED! While we obviously went for the RED one, Grillbot comes in four colors: blue, orange, black and red.  The grillbot is the world’s first automatic grill cleaning robot and might I add, a godsend for  anyone who grills a lot, regardless of the season. The units are very compact, so easy to store and they fit inside most grills for easy cleaning without you even having to be there while it “takes over” your grill. The concept is relatively new as Grillbot has only been around since 2014. Like the iRobot, you simply place the Grillbot on your grill, close the door and let him go! The grillbot does all the grill cleaning for you so you don’t have to. We actually shot a video of the process (twice), however as we were checking…

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HButler’s Travel Totes Boast Built-in Phone Charger

May 28, 2016 by  

I love my new Reversible Navy and Cream Tote by HButler!  While it is not made of leather, it gives the illusion that it is with its sleek and chic style that is both elegant and functional. As avid travelers know, finding a bag you can take with you on a trip that will go with a variety of outfits can be hard. What’s unique about this reversible tote is not only can you choose the cream side for dressier evening occasions and the dark navy blue that won’t show dirt for all day city strolls, but this Mighty Purse features a concealed slimline battery to charge your Smartphone on the go. Tucked into the side of the purse, a small detachable purse has a charger that will give your cell phone life again when your juice is low, a godsend feature when you don’t have access to a power outlet on the road.
It’s made from Vegan Leather and its built in Slimline and lightweight rechargeable battery that can recharge a smartphone up to two times (4000 mAh). Their “Auto-Power On” Technology means nothing to ever switch on or off, another godsend feature for those frequently on the…

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