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On Yahoo’s Purchase of Tumblr: A Whoah Nellie Culture Clash?

May 28, 2013 by  


Schedule, Share and Discover Lifestyle Businesses via Kuyam

May 15, 2013 by  

  If you have ever wanted Yelp and OpenTable to merge then you will be happy to hear about Kuyam. Kuyam is a new innovative online scheduling platform.  Essentially it allows busy people to find and have lifestyle appointments booked in just a few clicks.  Discovering anything from spa and hair salons, to health and exercise classes.  There is even options to discovering tutoring and babysitting for the kidos. Becoming a user is free, and after that you narrow down the service you want, what time you are available and how you plan on paying for it; then Kuyam does the rest.  Rather than you making calls and discussing availabilities.  Once your appoint is set it appears on a calendar on the Kuyam site.  Appointments are easy to change, adjust, or cancel as needed. A mobile app is on the horizon for Kuyam as well which will truly expedite the efficiency of a busy person’s day.  Kuyam is working to make the connecting and discovering of local businesses easier than ever.   Photo Credit: Kuyam.com

Lithuanian Start-Up Demos Cool GooGPS Travel App on Tablet PC

May 7, 2013 by  

I discovered (and used) an interesting new GPS app from a Lithuanian company when I was in Vilnius Lithuania recently. Gogoapp (4) They call it GooGPS, and the model is data for travel and tourism for visitors. Imagine a Samsung like tablet PC that is loaded with all the best of a city – main attractions, festivals, events, museums, churches, restaurants and hotels, that is light enough to hang around your neck while you meander through a new city. Then, imagine along side of that data, you have access to all your social apps like Foursquare, Twitter and Instagram, a video camera for easy capturing and a browser to check email….all on a device that is connected 24/7 and limited for E10 a day. Gogoapp (5) UAB is a global pioneer that is successfully developing a new business model – rent of tablet PCs for travelers. These guys have created a set of programs called “interactive travel guide” that works with a modified Android operational system. In the system which is within a portable 7-inch tablet, you have 3D navigational maps, connected to their controlled interactive guide with places of…

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Take a Look at the Websites & Search Engines 10 Countries Use Most

May 3, 2013 by  

Data was compiled March 2013 Sources: Alexa and InternetWorldStats. The above is an excerpt/portion from a much larger infographic by TopComputerScienceDegrees.

Alas, Twitter is Coming of Age in America

April 30, 2013 by  

Twitter is finally coming of age in America. The citizen journalists of twitter far surpassed the real time coverage of cable television of the events during the Boston and Watertown siege. Those like @michaelskolnick, @diggaduh, @wesleylowery, @sethmnookin, and many others too numerous to name, rocked. They were individually and collaboratively monitoring police scanners, reviewing multiple feeds, often standing in the streets, and tweeting live coverage, thereby, emerging the victors of the news cycle spoils. It was fascinating to watch, and an honor to participate. This was guerrilla crisis management in the streets come to America. Remarkably, Fox News rose to the occasion getting their helicopter up in the sky over Watertown Thursday evening, while CNN limped along with a sleepy and often foggy Jake Tapper. Given the sheer volume, it is perplexing that only the next morning did the authorities notice and move to shut down the twitter feed for security purposes during the continued manhunt. To put this in context, we know that all facets of social media (predominately twitter) came to fruition during the Arab Spring. But that was over two years ago, and social media has matured, grown in power, penetration and numbers from…

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Australian Politics – Julia Gillard vs Tony Abbott: Will Social Media Win All in the Election?

April 11, 2013 by  

Social media surely wins elections in the US. Barack Obama is two for two on the back of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (well, Instagram was a new addition to the Obama campaign’s 2012 arsenal). But can it do the same in a country of 22 million, where voting is compulsory?
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (think Obama) is campaigning to hold onto her seat against the leader of the opposition Tony Abbott (think George W. Bush). But the similarities don’t end there. Many Australians do not like Gillard, for reasons they find hard to articulate, fairly similar to the Obama haters. Deep-seated prejudice is most likely at the core of both groups (anti-women, anti-black), but in the 21st century it is terribly uncool to be either of those things. Enter social media to help us sort it out. While Americans got reality broken down for us with a series of memes that showed Obama as a forward-thinking progressive (he supports public television, women’s rights and understands you’ll never achieve world peace with militia riding roughshod on horseback), Australians are a bit more of a direct lot. Witness the tweet making the rounds that spells…

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SXSW Interactive 2013: We Blog the World’s Photo Summary

March 28, 2013 by  

Another South by Southwest (SXSW) has come and gone and Austin’s streets were no less frenzied, vibrant and action-filled than previous years. From interactive panels that ranged from healthcare, social media, relationships, big data, science & space, mobile apps, gamification, fitness, happiness, virtual food, activism, hip hop, libraries and museums, natural language processing, location based apps, fashion, beauty and literature, to investment opportunities around the world (Chile, Canada, Argentina, Ireland, Australia and others), there was plenty of information to take in. Chevy was once again a sponsor so you had an opportunity to test drive one of their many, including a nifty yellow convertible which I took for a spin around town, escorted of course. Tealet set up shop at Rackspace’s hosted party but they also had a brightly pink-haired tea lover roaming the streets attempting to get the brand name out there. The streets aren’t just lined with musicians, but also magicians and everything in between. Girls with hoola hoops performed…. And a man in a banana suit was roaming around, selling…

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Instagram to hit BlackBerry Before Windows Phone?

February 12, 2013 by  

Reports are coming in that Instagram will be available as a listed in the BlackBerry app store. With a huge caveat that BlackBerry’s new OS allows Android apps to run, so this might be a very easy implementation for the Instagram devs to push out, it raises two points.                 Consumers who ‘want Instagram on their phone’ because that’s what everyone on-line tells them they must have, will have no fear in picking up a BB10 handset. More importantly, it shows the love in the room for BlackBerry, because two years later Windows Phone is still waiting…

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