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Wellness Travel: Meditation & Spa Culture in Prague and Beyond

May 25, 2016 by  

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been writing about wellness travel more and more, and even have covered a few yoga retreat opportunities and getaways (my latest one being Jamaica). I believe in the power of yoga, the power of meditation, the power of stillness and the power of finding a space away from your technology and your daily grind where you can pause, reflect and get yourself back to center. You know…..the life balance thing.  It’s vital to you thriving in the world and it’s integral to the core of We Blog the World is all about — Transformative Travel. While India, Bali, the Caribbean and the South Pacific may be high on your list for trips of this nature, yoga retreats, meditation centers and R&R getaways are cropping up around the world. Eastern Europe is one such region where we’re starting to see a lot more emphasis on wellness travel. With that in mind, join me on a journey to Prague and the Czech Republic countryside.

Spa Culture in Prague

If you want to stay in and around Prague, the Lily Wellness & Spa Center in the Hotel Hoffmeister is a real gem. This incredibly elegant hotel is…

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The Pavilion Grand Hotel, a Luxury Family Stay in the Heart of Saratoga

April 4, 2016 by  

I’m not a newcomer to Saratoga Springs New York, home of the infamous race track and spring water. In fact, I grew up in the Adirondacks as regular readers of this site know, so truth be told, I am biased (in a positive way) about the area. I know how locals think, tick, create, cook and sleep. As much as I understand upstate New Yorkers, I’ve never known or looked at Saratoga through editorial eyes. When I was a little girl, my Uncle Mel and Aunt Betty used to pick me up not quite an hour away and drag me to the race track in August, which Saratoga is most known for. My uncle was always dressed to the nines in his vibrantly colorful checkered suits — sometimes bright orange, other times, green, or more often than not, a combination of several wild colors no one else dared to wear. Aunt Betty was always adorned in traditional floral dresses, which seemed to be influenced by her Eastern European heritage.  On the way to the track, my Uncle Mel always had a lesson he “needed” to teach me; some of it was related to how to pick horses, but most of…

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5 Ways To Get Your Wellness On In Aruba

April 2, 2016 by  

There are certain destinations that truly “live up” to their hype and Aruba is definitely among them. I can’t begin to tell you how many people I met on the island who return year after year. A special place for so many people, it didn’t take long to understand the island’s mass appeal. During my four days on Aruba, I made the most of my time while not outdoing myself (it happens). Whatever brings you to Aruba, whether the warm weather or the turquoise ocean waves, here are 5 soft-adventure activities for the wellness-minded traveler.

1) Snorkel in Clear Blue Waters

Aruba is a snorkel and scuba destination so this is a “must” activity in my opinion. As stunning as the turquoise water is, the vibrant fish below the surface are even more colorful. During our four-hour cruise with De Palms Tours, we stopped at three different snorkel sites: Catalina Bay, Arashi Reef, and the site of the World War II wreck aka the Antilla. This wasn’t my first time snorkeling but I felt the same rush of excitement I always do whenever I’m about to dive into the ocean. I still think I’m part-mermaid! That, plus, this was my first time snorkeling with my very first…

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Transformative Travel: 5 Fabulous Yoga Retreats Around the World

March 27, 2016 by  

Yoga is a great way to enhance other sporting and fitness activities that you do – and it brings a mindfulness to your life. It’s important to slow down and be present and aware, all lessons that we learn from yoga that can benefit other areas of our lives. Here are six great retreats you can do around the world.

1) Permaculture & Yoga Retreat (Costa Rica)

Spend some time with Rancho Delicioso and Anamaya in the jungle of Costa Rica and learn to plant a life-supporting garden. Modern consumerism causes the world to face many challenges from loss of habitat to environmental degradation and social disconnection. Rancho Delicioso believes it’s time to educate and to cultivate opportunities for positive change. Permaculture — derived from the words permanent and culture – uses scientific design to mimic efficient patterns and relationships found in nature and promote self-sustainability. Permaculture is yoga for the land, as yoga is permaculture for the body. Their permaculture and yoga retreat includes daily yoga and permaculture gardening classes, aerial silk and archery classes and healthy cooking workshops. yoga adventures Yoga in Aerial Silks in Costa Rica. Photo courtesy of Rancho Delicioso.


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Feel Like a Princess at Delhi’s Historical Imperial Hotel

March 25, 2016 by  

hotel, Imperial, Delhi, India, luxury, spa, five star, quality, art, museum, Akshay Kumar, Bollywood, tea, high tea, food, dining Have you ever been to a hotel that enchanted you? That enveloped you in an atmosphere completely apart from the world you left behind? That made you feel like a different version of yourself? That’s how I feel about The Imperial Hotel in Delhi, India. When I walk through the door, flanked by robust men wearing scarlet braid on their jackets and fantastic turbans, I feel different. I feel like the storybook version of me. hotel, Imperial, Delhi, India, luxury, spa, five star, quality, art, museum, Akshay Kumar, Bollywood, tea, high tea, food, dining, Atrium The Atrium lounge The Imperial Hotel’s elegant Art Deco-inspired architecture, sprawling green lawns and glamorous palm trees exemplify a bygone era. It’s an integral part of the planned city of New Delhi, built by the British Raj between 1912 and 1931. This is the commercial and political centre of Delhi, where wide leafy boulevards, white colonnaded buildings and symbols of power predominate. The Imperial is my favourite hotel in Delhi because of its unique combination of historical significance,…

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Serenity & Wellness in the Heart of Crystal River Florida

March 24, 2016 by  

Ever since learning about Crystal River Florida early last year, it’s been on the top of my travel list. Crystal River, the gem of Florida’s beautiful Nature Coast, is about a two hour drive from Tampa/St. Petersburg and they are situated around the magnificent Kings Bay, Florida Waterway which means it’s a great spot for boating, diving, swimming, fishing as well as a variety of Manatee and Eco-Tours. While my main focus for coming to Citrus County was to interact with manatees in a safe and natural environment, that ended up being only one facet of my trip. Plantation on Crystal River proved the perfect home away from home. It had all the conveniences of the modern traveler and yet, it wasn’t over-the-top luxurious. Even though I rented a car, most of my activities took place on property, which made things extra convenient. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, you can (and should) treat yourself.

1) Make time for wellness

This might seem like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many people (myself included) fully anticipate disconnecting from technology and taking it easy but who fail miserably. We live busy lives and it’s not exactly easy to forget out check lists…

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Greenwich’s J House Hotel and Spa, a Great Luxury Family Stay

March 23, 2016 by  

I wasn’t sure what to expect from fairly newly opened J House Hotel & Spa in Greenwich Connecticut. First of all, we had kids in tow, secondly, the weather was miserable so we knew we wouldn’t be able to explore the property’s greatest asset during warmer months: the outside decks and swimming pool and three, it was in Greenwich, a place I only knew from visiting friends and the last time was over ten years ago. The cold spell had at least finished by the time we pulled into the hotel’s on-site parking lot. With seven below temperatures showing on our Buick LaCrosse more than once during the previous week, we were happy with the balmy 35 degree temperatures that graced us on our final days of the trip. The hotel has a number of suites and rooms with separated sitting areas, the couches and Murphy beds all top notch features for a family traveling together. While we love old world hotels and restaurants (remember how long I lived in Europe and the fact that I grew up in New England), we have learned to appreciate modern and chic properties and know that our readers do too. They…

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3 Great Yoga & Meditation Getaways in the U.S.

March 9, 2016 by  

A great way to spice up your yoga practice or fitness routine is to use principles from yoga to enhance your other activities. Slowing down, being present and cultivating awareness are all lessons that we learn from yoga that can benefit other areas of our lives. Try these retreats that allow you to build your practice and enjoy other activities, whether it be hiking, surfing, cooking or learning about permaculture. yoga adventures Yoga at Red Rocks. Photo courtesy of Get in the Wild.

1) Yoga & Hiking Retreat (Goblin Valley State Park, Utah)

Get In the Wild combines invigorating and restorative yoga practices with canyoneering adventures to create the unforgettable Red Rock Yoga and Hiking Retreat. You’ll feel like you’re doing yoga on Mars in Utah’s Goblin State Valley Park where goblin-shaped stones lure visitors to their desert playground (and provide the perfect place for after dark stargazing). This retreat includes guided hikes and an all day canyoneering adventure as well as free time to explore the mysterious valley. If you can’t do the full retreat, they offer single-day yoga and hiking adventures offered throughout the year.

2) Yoga, Hot Springs & Horseback Riding (Gunnison, Colorado)

Treat yourself…

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