3 Great Christmas Present Ideas for the Tech Geek


robot santa

It’s the final day of our Christmas Gift Guides. Every day this week we’ve given you three of the best green gift ideas for cyclists, fixers, foodies and fashion lovers. Here are three great present ideas for the tech geek.


Geeky gloves
Turn their favourite pair of gloves into smartphone ready ones. Instead of buying new gloves, post a pair you already own to Lost Values and they will turn them into fully compatible smartphone (and tablet and iPad and everything else with a touch screen) gloves. You’ll get your geeky gloves back within a week.


DIY robots
Anything from tINDIE. It’s like Etsy for homemade tech. They are often one off pieces, just like Etsy, and the money goes to individual creators, not vast corporations. Build your own solar panels, robots that play Angry Birds and all sorts of other geeky greatness.

kickstart tech

Top photo: futuretimeline.