Chilly Jilly Line of Wraps in Creative Easy-to-Pack Drawstring Bags


I recently came across the Chilly Jilly line of wraps although they also offer other options in their clothing line including comfy pants (perfect for traveling). My favorite is the Jilly Jacket in a Bag, which they refer to as a blanket with sleeves.

Their wraps are ideal for women on the go! What I love about them is their ability to fold into such a small bundle that they pack easily in any type of bag. In other words, eliminate those bulky sweaters and go with a couple of wraps in different colors instead, since you can easily mix and match them to dress an outfit up or down.

They also offer something called the Oversized Wrap, which is just like their traditional wrap, but with more coverage. The Oversize Wrap is perfect for anyone who simply wants a little extra luxury and is available in classic brushed, tie dyed and crinkle fabrics. Like their other clothing options, it is so easy to throw in your bag — it’s great for a night out or when you are traveling in casual clothes during the day for your adventurous experiences, but need something to up the game for dinner at night. It most definitely adds a little class and style to any casual outfit.

Then there’s the casual pants which are perfect for lounging — they’re also comfortable, small and compact for travel. They come in a few colors but the fact that black and brown are their staples, they can go with almost anything, making them a perfect addition to your travel wardrobe.

What’s cool is that they ship their fabulous ‘clothing gear’ in a fun designed bag.  I hate to admit it but it was one of the things that most drew me to their clothing line. How cool is this? Simple, easy, toss it in a drawstring bag and throw it in your luggage? I was sold upon first glance. The pants and wrap are going with me on my next trip; their prices are reasonable too. What’s not to love?