Juil Sandals, Where Natural Energy Meets Barefoot Comfort…


I recently discovered shoes by Juil, which are perfect for travelers. Here’s why! Their sandals connect you to the greatest energy source – the earth itself through the shoe’s sole conductors, so they’re extremely comfortable and light. Juil’s shoes come in a variety of colors and designs, but I opted for Nala in a sandy beige leather, which also comes in a light turquoise blue and a black as well.

I loved the packaging, which is sustainable and eco-friendly of course.

They have sandals, thongs, flats, flip flops and also offer options for men as well.

The notion is that the surface of the earth is teeming with a continuous supply of electrons, however traditional standard shoes stop the necessary flow of electrons into our bodies. This separation can have a devastating impact on our health. When we’re not insulated from these electrons, we quench the free radicals that accumulate in our bodies, radicals which over time can lead to chronic inflammation and other diseases.

Most of the sandals are in the $79-89 range so if you like to connect to nature, want to make decisions to optimize your energy and believe in a sustainable world, Juil is a great fit.

  • Anthony A. Compagnone

    I am not one to comment much on fashion, but I must admit, these sandals look very comfy and stylish. I love the earth tones as well.