myCharge’s Fun Colored Freedom 2000 Line Doubles Your iPhone Battery


You’ve probably heard about the Mophie if you’re an iPhone user, the case that keeps your phone charged for longer so you have more talking and viewing time. We still haven’t tested it out yet but have heard mixed reviews. In our research, I came across The Freedom 2000 by myCharge and their team was incredibly responsive when we reached out and asked questions.

While they have a number of impressive products to keep you fully charged at all times, the Freedom 2000 is a great adjunct for your iPhone, particularly for those mobile warriors who are on the road as much as I am.

Essentially it keeps your iPhone 5 charged and protected. I’ve been using a battery extender from Doyo for awhile now, which claims 2000m Ah Lithium Polymer but they also charge $99 for it. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus gives you 2100m Ah Lithium Polymer and is around $120.We haven’t tested out the Mophie yet so we’ll have a better idea of how well it performs when we do. Some have reported that the connector breaks after awhile….awhile meaning less than a year.

For those who read this site, you know we love colors and great design, so while Doyo does have some fun cases (without the additional charge), the only options for those with the additional battery life are a boring white and black. After a few months of use, the neon green light that flashes the Doyo logo won’t turn off if its charging, even when I turn the phone off, most annoying when I’m in a hotel room and can’t put the phone in another room. Needless to say, I’ve been covering the phone with a towel or a book when it charges at night.

Back to the topic of color. We were impressed with myCharge’s color options – it’s as if for once, a hardware company had women in mind. While the battery extender is slightly less than the Doyo at 2000m Ah Lithium Polymer, the price point is only $79.99 which still gives you twice as much battery life, so more time for emailing, texting, posting pictures, and playing games. This is critical for me when I’m on the road, as I’m constantly taking notes at conferences, tweeting and posting photos to social media channels and responding to time sensitive email.

They’ve only had the fun new colors out since October of last year, but in addition to Blue and Purple (which apparently you can only purchase at Best Buy), they also offer Cherry, Cobalt, Emerald, Violet, and Fuchsia.  About time a company noticed that there are actually women with cell phones who might want options other than white, black and silver.

The myCharge Freedom 2000 uses a proprietary charging cable that discreetly tucks away when you’re done charging. Unlike most other charging cases, you have complete access to the bottom of your iPhone, including the headphone jack, so there’s no need for headphone extenders. It also avoids the problems syncing or docking or using your speakerphone.

The 2000 mAh myCharge Freedom Power Case for iPhone 5 adds:

• 9+ hours of talk time on 3G
• 7+ hours of browsing on 3G, 10+ on WiFi
• 44+ hours of audio playback
• 11+ hours of video playback

We’ll be putting it to the test in the coming months to see how well it performs on the road.

While we’re talking about being on the road, let’s talk durability. The myCharge Freedom Power Case features a high‐density foam interior, rubber sidewalls, a hard exterior shell, and protective raised corners.

Standard drop testing for cases is 36‐inches off a hard wood surface, 30 times on all facings (front, back, top, bottom, sides).  In a test they independently performed, it passed the “Extreme” drop testing from 48‐inches. Sweet!

The power button located on the back doubles as the case’s battery‐life indicator: Green, Yellow, Red and flashing Red correspond to high, medium, low and less than 10% power remaining.

We think it’s a great deal for the price point compared to its competitors and we absolutely LOVE the color choices! Nice job myCharge!

Top photo credit: Techaeris.