Stylish iPad & iPod Charger For On the Road Jump Starts


These are cute, small iPad and iPod chargers you can get for around $35. You can give your go-to music maker or reader a boost on the go with this stylish portable battery that’ll revive a charge-less Apple device for up to 3 additional hours.

You just need to plug the charger into an outlet about 3 hours before you depart to power-up the powerful lithium battery concealed in the attractive chevron casing. The charger’s slim, palm-sized profile allows it to slip seamlessly into your bag or purse, so even when an outlet is far from sight—like at the beach, the campsite, or in the car—you can still give your device the jump start it needs.

Note that while it doesn’t support the iPhone 5 yet, they expect to starting in January 2013.