Travalo, a Perfect Solution for Bringing Your Favorite Fragrances on the Road


OKAY, so I was pitched on this one, but sometimes pitches work….Sure, it may be rare but in this case, the pitch hit a chord. I just purchased a fabulous bottle of Si cologne which was well beyond the $100 mark for the parfum. It’s an usual perfume and so I HAD to have it, yet far too expensive and bulky to have in two places or another version of the same in my regular travel bag.

Enter TRAVALO, the tough, leak-proof, aircraft approved mini perfume bottle. The idea is that you can transport just a small amount of your favorite perfume or perfumes via their mini bottles that are easy to transport, light and perfect for your travel bag.

When I asked how it worked, the answer was literally this simple: just pump the bottle to fill, and Travalo refills in seconds.  My issue is that as as perfume lovers have all experienced, fragrance bottles are bulky, heavy and fragile… and are not allowed to go with you on aircraft. It’s ideal for travel or handbags and comes in ten fun colors!

The Excel line is a little more decadent and also comes in a variety of colors although the prices of all the bottles are reasonable and within any traveler’s budget.

They are perfectly rounded with no corners or edges. They’re so compact that they easily slip into the smallest pocket and it comes in ten colors/65 sprays. The classic’s are around $15.99 and the Excel line is only around $20.