WALKONOMICS: Rediscover the Joy of Wondering on the Best Streets


Whether you’re new in town, looking for a nice walk, a safe way to get to the pub or want to move house, picking a nice street is vital. But getting that information isn’t easy. Which is why Walkonomics, a UK-based start-up, has launched an app to help.

Walkonomics tells you how pedestrian-friendly a street is by giving it a 5 star rating for several categories; road safety, ease of crossing, pavement, hilliness, navigation, fear of crime and whether or not it is smart, beautiful, fun and relaxed.


The app currently covers every street in New York, San Francisco and over 600,000 streets in England.

Walkability is a huge thing these days as people are thinking more about the environment (walkable neighbourhoods can cut greenhouse emissions by up to 36%) and keeping a close eye on their bank balance (less driving, less petrol, more savings)

The app uses Open Data from over 600,000 street ratings from Walkonomics.com to calculate the walkability. It takes into account street widths, traffic levels, cleanliness, crime statistics, pedestrian accidents and even how many trees are on each street.

It’s a great tool for discovering a pleasant route to work, a Sunday afternoon stroll or the neighborhood of your new flat. And you can add your own reviews on your local streets to help widen the knowledge too.

(All images: Walkanomics)