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Renee Blodgett is the founder of We Blog the World. The site combines the magic of an online culture and travel magazine with a global blog network and has contributors from every continent in the world. Having lived in 10 countries and explored nearly 80, she is an avid traveler, and a lover, observer and participant in cultural diversity.

She is also the CEO and founder of Magic Sauce Media, a new media services consultancy focused on viral marketing, social media, branding, events and PR. For over 20 years, she has helped companies from 12 countries get traction in the market. Known for her global and organic approach to product and corporate launches, Renee practices what she pitches and as an active user of social media, she helps clients navigate digital waters from around the world. Renee has been blogging for over 16 years and regularly writes on her personal blog Down the Avenue, Huffington Post, BlogHer, We Blog the World and other sites. She was ranked #12 Social Media Influencer by Forbes Magazine and is listed as a new media influencer and game changer on various sites and books on the new media revolution. In 2013, she was listed as the 6th most influential woman in social media by Forbes Magazine on a Top 20 List.

Her passion for art, storytelling and photography led to the launch of Magic Sauce Photography, which is a visual extension of her writing, the result of which has led to producing six photo books: Galapagos Islands, London, South Africa, Rome, Urbanization and Ecuador.

Renee is also the co-founder of Traveling Geeks, an initiative that brings entrepreneurs, thought leaders, bloggers, creators, curators and influencers to other countries to share and learn from peers, governments, corporations, and the general public in order to educate, share, evaluate, and promote innovative technologies.

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The New York Travel Festival Hits the Big Apple April 26-27

April 6, 2014 by  


The New York Travel Festival aims to reinvent the consumer travel show for tech-savvy, immersive travelers, focusing on interactive experiences for people who see travel as a means of experience, not just escape. The event will be held on April 26-27, 2014. On Saturday, the event activities will be held at the Bohemian National Hall which is located at 321 East 73rd Street in Manhattan and on Sunday, it will be held at Hostelling International.

They’ll have an Experts’ Corner, which gives industry, media, and consumers the opportunity to interact with travel experts during pre-scheduled ten-minute appointments. G Adventures Founder Bruce Poon Tip will be the headline speaker at the Matador Network Speaker Series. In a session entitled “Transformation in Travel”, Bruce will discuss lessons from his experiences as an entrepreneur and sustainable travel advocate, as well as his new book, Looptail.
A full day of panels to elucidate topics of interest to the travel industry, including:

  • From Inspiration to Publication (presented by AFAR)
  • DMOs and Media (presented by Niagara USA and Destination Accelerator)
  • Travel + Social Good
  • Tourism in Emerging Markets
  • How Younger Generations are Changing Luxury Travel (presented by Young Travel Professionals)

They have also teamed up with Travel 2.0, NYC’s premiere networking group for travel start-ups, innovation and technology. Travel 2.0 @ #NYTF is a forum for travel start-ups to demonstrate their services and products.

Industry sponsors and partners include Been to Africa, Czech Tourism, Destination Accelerator, Niagara USA, Travel 2.0, Travel+Social Good, and Young Travel Professionals.

speakers include Google Marketing Strategist Ting Ting Yan, TripWing’s Eric Tanner, travel TV and radio host AnneLise Sorensen, National Geographic adventurer Charles R. Scott, Ignite Good’s Todd Schechter, The Culture-ist’s Maria Russo, AFAR’s Joao H. Rodriques, Associated Press’ Scott Mayerowitz, Emmy-award winning TV producer Lisa Lubin, Nomadic Matt, Brand Karma’s Mario Jobbe, The Trip Architect’s Alena Hadley, Matt Gross, Colin Glaum, Ethan Gelber of Outbounding, EcoAdventure Media, Destination Accelerator, and The Travel Word, Four North’s Jeffrey Donenfeld, AFAR’s Joe Diaz, Jim Brody, Jim Blumenfeld, Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation’s Michelle Blackley, Lee Abbamonte and more.

New York Travel Festival early bird priced tickets are $35 for consumer, $100 for industry members and $12 for Sunday’s portion with lunch at $12 up until April 15. For more and tickets, visit their site.


The Magic of an African Night

April 4, 2014 by  


At night Africa really comes into it’s own and it is a fantastic part of any luxury safari when guests can experience this. Many of the big cats are nocturnal, and rarer species such as the honey badger, aadvark and pangolin also only come out at night.

This is why night drives are so popular with guests on a safari – not everywhere offers them but we always recommend trying to pick at least one place that does. You won’t be disappointed.

Due to the lack of light pollution your night game drive will often also involve some of the most magical star gazing in the world. In most places you can see the milky way and many other constellations which one would never have seen from more populated parts of the world.

So as you and your guide drive through the bush at night, illuminated by the moon and stars twinkling down, you will be looking for eyes in the darkness. Suddenly the guide stops the car using the spotlight to hover hopefully over a patch of grass he saw moving – if you’re very lucky it will be a lion or a leopard, often it is only a spring hare or porcupine – the suspense is great fun. Hyenas are also fascinating to watch at night and their haunting call sends a shiver down your spine.

Nights spent out in the African bush are also a highlight – many luxury safari camps and lodges offer the chance to sleep out in the bush in a fly camp or mobile camp. This gets you as close to nature as it is possible to be and you really feel connected after a night listening to lions roar in the distance and cicadas serenading you to sleep. Waking up without an alarm clock as the cacophony of birds break into song as the sun peeps over the horizon is a magical feeling – somehow it all just feels right.   

Provided by our host partner Luxury Safari Company, where you can learn a bit more about experiencing a little luxury in Africa.


Love Cloud Promises Mile High Romance & Sex in the Sky

April 3, 2014 by  


For those who travel a lot or even those who may not but are off for one of those romantic getaways, the thought of getting it “on” in the air is prevalent for many. Don’t slither and coyishly look away when you read this. C’mon – you’ve had that thought once or twice. Some of us have no fears at all and sneak off to the rest room or dive under one of those (now) flimsy airlines for a little nooky when the lights are off and no one is looking – a little darish perhaps but certainly not comfortable or romantic?

A new startup airline Love Cloud is now offering horny travelers the chance to join the Mile High Club without being uncomfortable in the process or the possibility of getting caught by a passenger or flight attendant.

They’re not coming out of the America’s south, the Middle East or other such locations where perhaps such an idea would never fly, no pun intended.

First unveiled in February, Love Cloud takes passengers to 5,280 feet over the Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the casinos of the Vegas Strip. And of course, flights take off from Vegas, the place where what happens there or “over it” doesn’t go beyond its borders.

It’s only a 40 minute flight – not quite long enough to enjoy the scenery, have a sip of wine AND have sex before landing. A romantic experience isn’t a 40 minute one. Think about it.

Hurry up honey, we’re now in the air (10 minutes later), you now have a whole 5 minutes to look out the window to enjoy the scenery, then we have 5 minutes to kiss (some men’s definition of foreplay), take ‘em off, we have 10 minutes to have sex, before the ten minutes down to land.

While bookings start at $799, you can add on romantic extras like roses, chocolates, the idea must be to dish ‘em out in the limo on the way to the airport since there’s barely time in the air to share a gift.

If this is truly to be a romantic experience that includes time for little loving and cuddling too, then they clearly need to extend the flight – if it were a female founder, that clearly would have been taken into consideration. But because it’s not a woman, the romance comes in the form of high tech – a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle decked out with a sex pillow/crimson throw-covered double bed and a wireless lighting and sound system to set the mood.  

Yeah yeah, what happens over Vegas, stays over Vegas. While I love the idea, I don’t like the rushed component of it, especially for a whopping $800. It will be interesting to see if others join suit from other parts of the world to make it easier to have more luxurious and high end “Mile High Club” experiences. I could see this also being popular in Miami and Berlin. 
Flamingo Air’s similar sex-in-the-sky debut over scenic Cincinnati kicked their own version into gear last year.

The Bamboo-Fibered Nufabrx Pillow Fights Acne While You Sleep

April 2, 2014 by  


I recently met young Seattle startup Jordan Schindler, who at only 22 years old, started a company called Nufabrx after learning about how dirty pillowcases are and how they can contribute to acne. Some of us may already know this, but not everyone does. His clear skin pillow helps you fight acne while you sleep. For travelers who know how dirty pillowcases can get on the road, you already know this is a godsend if you have blemished skin.

Another stat you probably don’t want to know is that researchers swabbed 40 pillowcases and toilet seats and found that the bacteria on each was so similar the samples were virtually indistinguishable! AND, that dermatologists recommend changing your pillowcase every 2-3 days.

The Nufabrx $29.99 pillowcase contains bamboo fibers and microcapsules that release a special serum into the skin that helps reduce facial bacteria. The product, which contains tea tree oil, can be washed and typically lasts one year.

Innovative microencapsulation technology allows their all natural scientifically formulated serum containing lavender, lemon balm, tea tree oil and wintergreen oil to remain embedded within the fibers of the pillowcase wash after wash. The perfect amount of our proprietary natural serum is slowly released nightly, keeping your skin fresh and clean.

In a study, tea tree oil was shown to be nearly as effective as 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. In another independent study, Nufabrx Pillowcase was shown to reduce the bacteria P. acnes by 91.5% over a 24-hour period.

Personally, I think this is an incredibly creative and innovative idea that could really help to reduce acne when used on a regular basis. Why wasn’t this around when I traveled through SE Asia with a backpack in my twenties?

I just received mine, so will know more after I’ve had a chance to use it for awhile. Hats off to Jordan and his team!

Putting a Dent in the Future in Sun Valley Idaho

April 1, 2014 by  


When you hear the word DENT, you might have a visual of a dental brand or maybe an auto repair company, but your mind might not automatically jump to a conference in the middle of the Idaho mountains whose goal is to shake things up across industries with technology.

Now in its second year, Steve Broback and Jason Preston are the visionaries behind this event, which aims to explore the magic and science of visionary leadership and groundbreaking success.

DENT on stage talks (39)

While so many events and conferences focus on one main track or trending idea, i.e, mobile apps, enterprise software, wearables or connected devices, DENT the Future has focused on creating an “experience” for its attendees, all centered around entrepreneurship, leadership and having “fun.”

DENT on stage talks (21)

Sessions and discussions ranged from mobile development, gaming, delegation and goal setting to the art of design, crowdfunding, wearable tech, data visualization and decoding the language of glamour.

We delved into education and IPs and then onto the importance of creating support networks when building a startup, before embarking on a dialogue with Richard Douglas “Dick” Fosbury, who is one of the most influential athletes in the history of track and field.

DENT on stage talks (128)

We also heard from Chris Anderson of the CSI Centennial Observatory and the Falukner Planitarium, who shared how the current best understanding of gravity – based on Einstein’s relativity – suggests that everything creates its own dent in the universe, however small, how this connects everyone to everything, and how the relativity of simultaneity means that we all inhabit our own unique universes.

With crowdfunding on the rise as an alternate to traditional angel and seed investment, it was no surprise to see IndieGoGo Founder & Chief Development Officer Danae Ringelmann on the stage in an inspiring fireside chat with Jeremiah Owyang.  

DENT on stage talks (81)

We explored the benefits of crowdfunding and debated if the crowd is actually wiser than vetted professionals from established companies.

DENT on stage talks (111)

Says Danae Ringelmann of the value add for VCs, “we derisk the investment process, allowing them to step away from the vetting process so they can focus more on the amplification. We’re creating pre-markets from the community up and because we’re open, we don’t infiltrate the results.”

She asserts that by being open, IndieGoGo can inherently be a true market testing platform. “If you’re unsuccessful at raising money, you don’t have an audience that cares. If the market doesn’t care, you can either hone your product or go back to the table and focus on features or projects that truly matter to people.”

The notion is that as a true market testing platform, they democratize results, rather than corrupt them. This crowd-based approach is opposite to the corporation approach says Jeremiah, so “what can big corporations learn from a crowdfunding model like IndieGoGo?”

She says that large companies and brands are now using IndieGoGo as a market testing platform. For example, Phillips sponsored an effort where various projects went up to get feedback from the market so they could learn about what to incorporate into their products. Companies like Honda and Whole Foods are also using crowdfunding as a customer engagement and cause marketing platform. In essence, the crowd gets what they need from each other.

DENT on stage talks (117)

My favorite learned “stat”?  Apparently, 47% of all successful ventures on IndieGoGo are run by women.

While Jeremiah may have shone in his bright red sneakers, Robert Scoble also did his interview with Fosbury in bright red. They weren’t the only ones walking around shining like Rudolph’s nose since Scott Jordan of ScotteVest gave away newer models of his fabulous jackets and most people chose “red.” In other words, there was a whole lotta red happening at DENT 2014.

Jeremiah (4)

DENT on stage talks (130)

Virginia Postrel took us in the opposite direction, showing us how to decode glamour and where it shows up in places you’d least expect it, like the Marines. She asserts that people have a narrow idea of fashion and glamour and their images are largely made up of make up and old fashioned holiday movies.

DENT on stage talks (148)

“Glamour draws people to technology,” she says. There are clearly a lot of glamorous images and ideas which shape what technology gets built and also how we use it. It’s never been easier to work at the beach with your laptop and mobile phone. Even language we use in technology has a quality of glamour to it.

A few observations: rather than think about what glamour is, think about what is glamorous. I loved this distinction: glamor allows you to build your own Reality-Distortion Field.

She nailed it here: Glamour is a nonverbal persuasion, a projection of longing. There’s an audience and an object and in the interaction between that interaction, a distinctive emotion is evoked. 

A lot of what glamour does is make us buy things; it focuses us on careers we choose, it makes us show up at certain places and wear certain things because of what the association means and buy things to look like celebrities we aspire to be.

From technology to Hollywood, we then dove into politics, focusing on Obama who exuded glamour by creating mystery. He was relatively unknown and people projected their hopes and dreams for the world. We saw what happens when a brand becomes a movement through all the people who supported him.

DENT on stage talks (159)

It’s so true: glamour is in the audience. Whether it’s funny or not, it’s not how hard you’re trying; the success is whether the audience laughs or bites. We learned that glamour is an illusion that tells the truth about desire — it is known to be false but is felt to be true. Glamour is a spell that makes us feel more magical than things really are. It contains the illusion of magic. Of escape. The illusion is the grace. Ahhh yes…Spot on Virginia!!

This is the quirkiness and magic of DENT. Just when you think you’re going to get another speaker from the world of all things tech, an astronomer, an author of glamour or a designer and illustrator comes onto the stage.

Chief Freak and founder of Freak’n Genius Kyle Kesterson is another great example of the speaker mashup so well curated by Jason and Steve.

DENT on stage talks (45)

I loved Kyle’s human-ness. Rather than focus on his successes, he shared his life “story”, which dragged him through homelessness, numerous drop outs and years of suffering from severe depression. The discovery of artistic expression and creativity changed everything leading him through a series of wins at Giant Thinkwell, as Seattle 2.0′s “Best Startup Designer”, a Geekwire “Entrepreneur of the Year” nominee, a toy developer, photographer and beatboxer.

He talked about consumption, a word I love because of the complexity of the word and all that it represents. People either associate it with negative actions or positive ones depending on your orientation of the world.

Kyle asserts that there are two things that can come from consumption: Inspiration and Education. I think there are probably more, but inspiration and education are great places to start.

He reminded people that along your journey, it won’t always be easy and that critics will suck the wind out of you so fast you won’t know what hit you. Ask yourself: are you sucking the air out of other people’s dreams or are you contributing to making them happen? Great question!

Which person are you most of the time? How do you enable others to create, explore and let others shine?

Along your journey, you will have a story to tell and velocity will come through that communication. But, do you have a compelling story? Having a compelling story that is genuinely authentic is where you will get empathy from time and time again. You need to create more value for your listeners so that you accelerate their story not just your own. Are you inspiring and educating them, taking from them or merely a megahorn? It doesn’t get more human than that…

Then, Noah Illinsky took us on a data visualization journey. 

DENT on stage talks (57)

Noah suggests that successful visualizations need to have the right:

  • Purpose – why we are creating this?
  • Content – what we are showing?
  • Structure – how we position it?
  • Formatting – formats, labels, fonts, etc.

The problem Noah asserts is that most people go through the process in the wrong order. It must be in this order because they stem from each other. You need to know what kinds of questions you need to answer and what actions you want to enable before you create a visualization.

Once you identify the answers, you need to think about what data you want to show and what graph (ic) you want to use to share that data. Lots of engineers start at the end rather than trying to identify what the goals are first. Engineers haven’t been trained how to go back upstream to figure out what problem they’re trying to solve. He suggests that as a team, you need to define the upstream sooner before the coding and creation begins.

Bottom line: nobody cares about your brand, they only care about whether you make them feel good. People don’t have time. The take away here was: serve your customers – purpose is everything and it dictates the deliverable. It always comes back to purpose!!     

Google Comparison CEO Dan Shapiro lives and breathes the comparison shopping space.

DENT on stage talks (20)

Rather than focus on his “stuff,” he discussed what does it mean to be a CEO and what they do, which is basically Hire, Inspire and Fire. The job of the CEO is to hire effectively so you can delegate effectively and the team is the single most important part of the CEO’s role.

Vision can come from a bunch of different places but it’s the CEO’s connection to that vision that drives the company. The CEO must be the keeper of the strategy, which is something that he asserts, can never be delegated. Dan suggests that in fact, there are six things you can’t delegate as a CEO:

  1. Strategy – the CEO needs to drive that from the ground up.
  2. The Team – getting the right team in place is one of the most important things a CEO does.
  3. The Vision – it’s critical that the vision comes from the leader.
  4. Financing – investors want to see you in action. How you negotiate your deal with them is how you will work other deals and they want to see that. Investors also want to build a relationship and a friendship with the CEO.
  5. Investor Relations – investors want to hear from the CEO.
  6. Company Culture – sometimes it’s like a fungus, sometimes it’s like a ferry ring. No one knows what a company culture is about or how it evolves, but whatever the culture is comes from the leader.

From astronomy, data visualization, illustration, glamour and leadership, we moved to violence with Dr. Gary Slutkin.

DENT on stage talks (75)

Slutkin is a physician and epidemiologist, an innovator in violence reduction, and the founder of CureViolence, a scientifically proven, public health approach to violence reduction which uses disease control and behavior change methods.

Through their work, they’ve statistically demonstrated reducing shootings and killings by 41% to 73% by three extensive independently funded and independently performed studies.

Gary has a fascinating story and history — he was recruited by the World Health Organization where he worked in over 20 countries, including leading the efforts – using behavior change methods - to reverse the AIDS epidemic in Uganda. The analogy here is that Slutkin sees violence as an infectious process, and credits his WHO training and experiences in multiple countries to informing his understanding and approach to violence and behavior change.

I was inspired by other on and off-stage discussions including Andy Grignon, Mark Anderson, Kathleen Warner, and The North Face founder Hap Klopp.

Geek Bus to Sun Valley (17)

Speaking of inspiration, a great conference isn’t complete without art and music and this year’s musicians blew me away.

Roem Baur whose roots are in opera, has played thousands of shows in a career that spans 4 continents. He nailed it on guitar and with vocals alongside Tae Phoenix, whose 3 octave range voice made me cry on two occasions.

DENT on stage talks (29)

The other inspiration came from the humor and intellectual wit from the team at Buick. Yes, Buick. I left DENT with a much more hip view of the brand than when I arrived, so much so that I’m now dying to try out a few Buick vehicles as well as experience a much more cooly polished culture than I ever imagined. And, truth be told, their marketing and social team is smart, genuine and fun, a rare combination. Thanks for the insights Nick Richards and Phil Colley.


Of course we all know that most of the learning and engagement at an event comes from the hallway chats, the after parties, the breaks, and the other activities that ‘surround’ an event. What makes DENT such a standout is not just the unique and eclectic curation by Steve and Jason, but the interesting things to do in between.

Want some examples? How’s this for off-the-charts?

On the two days leading up the conference, activites included an at-dawn trek where you learned about the world of wolves led by Oliver Starr, a photography walk led by the ever so endearing Kris Krug, a scavenger hunt led by Buick, a private gathering at ScotteVest CEO Scott Jordan’s house where great wine was poured, a rustic mountain lodge visit where we drank more great wine by a blazing fire, skiing at Sun Valley Resort and an evening of hosted dinners where we were thrown together with interesting personalities from all walks of life.

I personally attended the SouthWest Airlines dinner, which was a perfect match given that I run an online luxury travel magazine, only to be led afterwards by local and not so local entrepreneurs to three more stops in downtown Sun Valley where we experienced more fabulous food and tons of warm Idaho hospitality. SouthWest Airlines also sponsored a nerd bird flight from Oakland to Boise where their social media guru Adam Rucker not only applauded the geeks from the front of the plane but gave away surprise $100 off coupons to everyone on the plane, not just DENT attendees. All I can say is “classy move!”

It all came together graciously through a combination of efforts and hard work — a huge thanks to:

  • Steve Broback who is personally responsible for dragging me to Idaho
  • Buzz Bruggeman and Doug Rowan for pestering me to attend for the last year and a half
  • Maryam Scoble for making the logistics seamless and easy and for making me smile
  • Greg Randolph of Sun Valley Tourism for making sure I knew where to go, what to do and why
  • Therese Magner of Sun Valley Resorts who went well above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I left the area with one thing on my mind….returning
  • Shannon Allen of Knob Hill Inn for her gracious generosity
  • Beryl Barnes of Zenergy for providing a place to relax and reground myself
  • Wendy Muir at Globus for amazing sake and an exquisite culinary treat

And, hats off to Jack Sibbach and Therese Magner for getting me on the mountain more than once and to Therese, Ellen, Cecile and Alex for supplying me with jackets, socks, hats, gloves, glasses and gear to make sure I didn’t freeze my ass off on the top.

Renee and therese skiing sun valley resort

Be sure to check out my upcoming blog posts on Sun Valley over on We Blog the World where I’ll be covering two properties, a spa, two restaurants, the mountain and the culture.

While we’re getting personal, it’s time to meet some fellow DENTERS…

Geek Bus to Sun Valley (2)

Geek Bus to Sun Valley (5)

Geek Bus to Sun Valley (8)

Geek Bus to Sun Valley (6)

Geeks on nerd bus to Sun Valley for DENT2014 (26)

Geek Bus to Sun Valley (10)

Geeks on nerd bus to Sun Valley for DENT2014 (29)

Geek Bus to Sun Valley (16)

Geeks on nerd bus to Sun Valley for DENT2014 (27)

Geek Bus to Sun Valley (18)

Did I mention how much fun we had?

Group shots on Photo Walk DENT (6)

Group shots on Photo Walk DENT (1)

Nerd Bird Flight (1)

People snapshots DENT2014 (10)

We even hung upside down somewhere along the way. Well, a few of us did anyway!

Sun Valley Environs P hotowalk (12)

And as always, Robert Scoble and Shel Israel signed books.

Shel and Robert book signing DENT (11)

Of course, Robert reinforced that geeky and ever so adorable brand of his….oooops, that’s his finger. Or is it actually the brand, or is it his….you get the idea.

Robert Scoble on nerd bus (4)

Below are chief DENTERS Jason Preston and Steve Broback who deserve an applause for bringing passionate inventors and thinkers to the American wild west for a whole lotta reflection, learning and fun!

Jason and Steve-Broback (6)

Duke’s OceanFest Waikiki Waterman Celebration Slated for Mid-August

March 30, 2014 by  


Duke’s OceanFest, Waikiki’s premier ocean sports festival and a popular celebration in tribute to Duke Kahanamoku for watermen and waterwomen worldwide is being showcased this summer over a nine-day period, August 16-24, 2014.

Now in its 13th year, Duke’s OceanFest will feature a variety of competitions and events that includes surfing, stand-up paddling, one-mile ocean swim, lifeguard competition, surfboard waterpolo, wounded warrior canoe regatta, paddle boarding, beach volleyball, and beachfront luau.

Most competitions will take place near Queen’s Surf in Waikiki, with the surf stand and exhibit booths fronting the majestic statue of Kahanamoku.

Kahanamoku’s enduring legacy and all he represents to Hawaii and the waterman spirit continues to be the primary inspiration for Duke’s OceanFest, with this year’s events concluding on Sunday, August 24, the 124th anniversary of his birth.

Revered as Hawaii’s greatest athlete, Kahanamoku (1890-1968) won six Olympic medals, including three gold medals in swimming, from 1912 to 1932, and is recognized as the “Father of International Surfing.” Kahanamoku was the world’s fastest swimmer, a champion paddler and steersman, and a lifelong mentor to generations of watermen and waterwomen. He once used his surfboard to rescue eight people from drowning following a boating accident in California. Kahanamoku was the first person inducted into both the International Swimming Hall of Fame (1965) and International Surfing Hall of Fame (1966).

Duke’s OceanFest supports the mission of the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation (ODKF), the public, nonprofit foundation established in Kahanamoku’s honor in 1986. Net proceeds from Duke’s OceanFest help fund ODKF’s awarding of college scholarships and athletic grants to Hawaii residents and nonprofit groups competing in water sports and volleyball. ODKF has awarded $2-million in scholarships and grants to 1,349 recipients since its formation, including $150,000 to 72 recipients in 2013.

Major sponsors of Duke’s OceanFest are the Hawaii Tourism Authority, City and County of Honolulu, Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, Kona Brewing Company, Capital One 360, Hawaiian Airlines, Duke’s Waikiki, AccesSurf, Mobi PCS, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaiian 105 KINE, Surf News Network, and This Week.

JetBoard, The Watertoy That Blends Surfing & Jet Skiing

March 29, 2014 by  


We just learned about a brand new water toy called JetBoard that positions itself somewhere between surfing and jet skiing. The JetBoard is an elegant ride while also allowing you to ride the waves at speeds up to and over 35 miles per hour. It actually runs at 55 horsepower with 350 psi of thrust to push riders of up to 350 pounds. We haven’t tested it out yet, so this is just a heads up for those adventure addicts out there.


It comes with a JetBoard Tool Bag, JetBoard Cover, fins, a leash and a kill cord. Price range is around $7,995.

Tallinn Music Week Boasts 16 Restaurants & Chefs

March 22, 2014 by  


Tallinn Music Week (TMW) that will fill the city on March 26-30, 2014 includes a restaurant festival with 16 favorite restaurants and eateries and a pop-up restaurant in the Design and Architecture Gallery.

The TMW pop-up restaurant that opens from 26th to 29th March will also be the main meeting point of the festival. Ants Uustalu, the head chef of Ööbiku gastro farm in Rapla County will create tasty dishes from fresh local produce in the cosy café. Ott Kangur will design the pop-up restaurant.

According to Ants Uustalu the TMW pop-up restaurant is the ideal meeting place to catch up with friends between the concerts, have a drink and a bite to eat. “Our menu is simple and honest and we want to make sure the festival guests can get fine fresh food even at late hours,” comments Uustalu. The pop-up restaurant is open from Wednesday (26.03) to Saturday (29.03) from 12 noon to 1 am and serves food until closing time. Each afternoon at 6 pm the pop-up has a happy hour with half price bottles of wine, concerts and talks.

“TMW Tastes” restaurant festival also presents 16 TMW’s favourite eateries. The programme includes something for all tastes and moods – from the legendary gourmet institution Gloria to the cosy Diip in Kalamaja, even exotic places like the Cha Dao, a Chinese teahouse and restaurant. The selection reflects TMW team’s favourites in Tallinn, the decisive criteria being tasty and fresh food.

This year’s “TMW Tastes” has a spotlight on every restaurant’s greatest asset – the head chef, each of them putting together a special TMW menu, reflecting his/her favourite ingredients.

Tallinn Music Week is the largest indoor music festival in the Nordic Baltic region presenting 227 artists from 20 countries on the stages of Tallinn’s clubs and concert halls. The festival also includes an extensive City Stage programme presenting 65 artists at free afternoon concerts at surprising locations in town.

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