We Blog the World was originally created around a blogging trip to Southern Africa, with the idea of cross pollinating ideas across between cultures. I was thrilled to share new discoveries and knowledge learned through writing, video, photos and social media in a way that would form meaningful relationships on a continent I love.

The site didn’t start with a publisher, a sales team, an editor or a team of writers. It didn’t start with revenue or a travel budget. Welcome to the world of new media, a world individuals often enter because of their passion for writing and for travel. When people ask why I spend so much time blogging when it pays nothing or very little, I tell them it’s because I love to write and share what I’ve learned with others. I also love photography and my Canon 7D is never far from my side.

While I have spent many a trip in my twenties and early thirties staying in hostels, camping and staying in budget hotels, We Blog the World does not target the backpacker even though you’ll occasionally see stories and posts from some of the budget-conscious travelers in our network. Our readers tend to be a more established demographic (28-55 years old), who thrive on unique experiences, and while they may love the cherries on-the-cake that popular travel destinations like Paris, Rio, Tokyo, New York and Singapore provide, they also yearn for higher-end adventure and ‘knowledge-based’ experiences that more off-the-beaten path destinations bring.

Enter the world of travel writing and the age-old question of “how do we pay to get to a destination so we can share those experiences with our readers?” in a new media world?

Since we syndicate a lot of content, some of our contributors are based in the locations they write about full-time. I have personally been to nearly 80 countries and lived in about ten, so am always eager to explore new parts of the world I haven’t visited yet or destinations where We Blog the World has limited content.

Often, travel is on my own dime but since traveling is so expensive, I often partner with companies and tourist boards to help facilitate trips. When I write about a particular hotel, resort, restaurant or trip that has been sponsored, I disclose that in the post. Companies may be airlines, hotels, cruise lines or companies that have some connection to or interest in the travel world.

If the experience is mediocre, I may choose not to write about it. If the experience is extremely bad, I likely will write about it, especially if it is related to service, one of my hot buttons. But, I am not asked to write positively about a trip which is sponsored – I write about the experience through my own eyes and ask that our writers do the same.

Since we do product reviews, we may receive products to test out which we also disclose.

We do accept sponsored posts that make sense, so if you are interested in working with us on a sponsored post or event, check out our ’work with us’ page for more details.

We also are media partners for some events that we like. Typically the relationship involves a swapping of logos, free admission to the event for us and some kind of editorial exposure in exchange, written and shared again from our own experience and perspective.

Below are logos of some of the companies I have either consulted for or been affiliated with in some way which may have appeared on this blog at one point.


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