7 Visuals of Berlin on a Hot Summer June Day


Below are some highlights walking through the city of Berlin.

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) — at Berliner Dom.

The four horses of the Quadriga overlooking the top of the Brandenburg Gate. — at Brandenburger Tor.

Line indicating the former location of the Berlin Wall, on the west side of the Brandenburg Gate. — at Brandenburger Tor.

From the top of the Victory Column (Siegessäule), looking east down the Street of the 17th of June through the Tiergarten towards the Brandenburg Gate.— at Siegessäule Berlin.

Berlin’s Victory Column.

Reichstag Building, seat of German Parliament (Bundestag). — at Reichstag.

“Time is a train, makes the future the past…” – Zoo Station, Berlin — at Berlin Zoologischer Garten railway station.

All photo credits: David Elsbree, as posted and shared on Facebook from June 2013. All taken in Berlin. A great share.