Inspiration at TED 2013: From Music & Healing to Endangered Species & Mobile Electric Vehicles


Below is a sample of some of the talks that inspired me at TED 2013 this year. From music and healing to endangered species, our role in helping save them and mobile vehicles, the issues were broad.

Let Music Heal Your Soul: Ji-Hae Park, Violinist

“I use my music to reach people’s heart. There are no boundaries,” says Ji-Hae Park on the TED2013 stage. While TED may be a lofty place to perform, she also plays at prisons, hospitals and restricted facilities. She talks about her time when she was depressed and how changing your perspective THROUGH music transformed how she viewed music but life itself. She encouraged TEDsters to “play their lives.” 

Endangered Species & Our Role to Save Them: Stewart Brand from LongNow 

Stewart shared stats that were encouraging about how human effort to save endangered species can help highlighting that progress can be made. He also sent off alarming bells suggesting that there is still a lot to be done and we have the power to change things.

A Mobile Electric Vehicle: Sanjay Dastoor

We learned about a mobile electric vehicle aka something called “Boosted Boards”, which are a souped-up version of a skateboard that runs on a tiny motor, powerful enough to take you up the famous hills of San Francisco at 10 miles per hour. These boards are highly maneuverable and have a handheld remote that allows for acceleration and braking with a battery that has a range of six miles.

Vehicle on stage photo credit: James Duncan Davidson. Gorilla photo from All About Wildlife. Violin shot: