Biz & Investment: Discussion About Relationship Between US & Cuba in San Francisco


The Commonwealth of San Francisco is hosting an event on Wednesday June 12 on Cuba at the SF Club Office on 595 Market Street in San Francisco.

Cuba’s Former Ambassador to the European Union Carlos Alzugaray will discuss the relationship between the United States and Cuba as the Cuban government allows more space for small domestic entrepreneurs and encourages foreign investment.

Current leader Raul Castro has increasingly emphasized transforming the Cuban bureaucracy and economy in an effort to make the country more competitive in the international market. Europe, Asia and Latin America are increasingly exploring opportunities in Cuba, while U.S. and Cuban relations stagnate.

How has Cuba changed since Fidel Castro turned over power to his brother Raul in 2006?  What are the key issues? What’s next for the Cuban economy and U.S.-Cuba relations?

Dr. Carlos Alzugaray is a Cuban diplomat and Professor of Center for Hemispheric and United States Studies at the University of Havana. From 1961-1996, Alzugaray was a Foreign Service Officer.