San Francisco’s “Coffee Shop” For Cooperatively Farmed, Imported & Roasted Ubuntu Coffee


I accidentally walked past a relatively new coffee shop on San Francisco’s Mission Street called nothing other than Coffee Shop. Small and tucked away without even a sign to draw people in, owner and manager Wilson Jones was jamming to songs from one of his umpteen Pandora playlists when I walked in.

With a cranberry juice in one hand and a bottled water in the other, I was less curious about tasting coffee that day and more curious about the shop itself and why I had never seen it before. After spending time in the world of technology as a web geek like so many people do or have done if they live in the San Francisco Bay Area, he opened this shop less than a year ago after getting laid off.

After chatting for awhile, Wilson insisted I try a Yerba Mate and a little organic coffee with some half and half served over ice. While I was still there, Ubuntu Coffee‘s Rich Soenksen walked in with a new batch of their locally-roasted, organic coffee from their Emeryville coop….their promise: Cooperatively Farmed, Cooperatively Imported and Cooperatively Roasted.

Above is Wilson on the left and Rich on the right. While they’re open to expanding, they currently source coffee from Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico Chiapas, Peru, Ethiopia, El Salvador and Sumatra, where coffee beans are offered to customers in a variety of light, dark and mosaic roasts and blends. Brew, Pour Over, Cold Process, Aeropress, and Espresso. YUM!!

Also on the list if you happen to pass by is Yerba Mate, various tea assortments, pastries, cookies, cakes, muffins and quiches from Emily Guzzardi’s BATCH Baking in Bernal Heights and chocolate by San Francisco’s TCHO.  Did I mention the adorable and delicious vegan cupcakes?

They’re located at 3139 Mission Street in San Francisco.