Yank Sing For Scrumptious Dim Sum in 2 San Francisco Locations


Last weekend, an old friend from Boston asked me if I wanted to take in some dim sum at an old favorite place of his in San Francisco. Yank Sing held many a fond memory for him, so off we went to the 49 Stevenson Street location, although apparently they have an even larger venue on 101 Spear Street in the Rincon Center.

The restaurant has been around since 1958 and tout over 60 different varieties of dim sum, including some of their more popular choices such as Har Gow Dumplings, Shanghai Pork Dumplings, Snow Pea Shoot Dumplings, Phoenix-Tail Prawn, Peking Duck by the slice or their Imperial Walnut salad, which we didn’t have but it looked fabulous on our neighbor’s table. It is served with purple cabbage, jicama, and honey roasted walnuts in an Asian herb dressing. My favorite? The honey baked seabass.

Since we didn’t opt for any deep fried options, some of the delicious steamed and grilled offerings included seafood basil dumplings, mandarin dumplings with chives, snowpea shoots, spinach or muchroom dumplings, potstickers, peking ribs, turnip cake, chicken satay, minced chicken in lettuce cup, or a soft shell crab. (YUM!)

The Peking Duck, which is served with steamed seashell buns, finely slivered scallions and a tangy Hoisin sauce.

Plenty of fried options if you want to go there including scallop balls on a skewer, bacon wrapped prawn, crab claw, spring rolls or a green onion cake.

Steamed is the way to go though…

Some of the items take hours and hours to prepare and I’m told, not a one person job.

The desserts were scrumptious also — from egg custard tarts, coconut cream rolls, egg custard buns and mango pudding (below) to pistachio ice cream pie and sesame balls, there’s plenty to choose from.


We give it a royal thumbs up and was not hosted in any way. Check out either one of their two San Francisco locations for a dim sum experience you’ll remember for awhile.