Top 5 Must Visit Las Vegas Casinos For a Whole Lotta Fun


While there is more to Las Vegas than just casinos, realistically most people visiting the resort will want to spend a fair amount of their time playing casino games at some of the top establishments the city has to offer. Here are five worth checking out on your next trip to Vegas.

The Venetian

This is unquestionably one of the finest casinos you will find anywhere, and a place any casino fan will want to check out during their Vegas trip. The sheer size of the place is remarkable, and ensures that the Venetian has room for more casino games than you could dream of, while it also offer luxury suites to stay in.

Wynn Las Vegas

This building combines a truly stunning exterior with an interior that offers a superb choice of casino games to suit any taste. The outside of the fifty storey Wynn Las Vegas is all glass, which gives the building the appearance of sparkling crystal when the sun is shining on it, while the inside is rated highly by casino fans for the game choice.
Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino

Like many of the casinos in Vegas, the Rio has a particular theme throughout the décor – in this case it is the Rio carnival that provides the inspiration. This makes it one of the most colorful and lively casinos there, and ensures that playing there has the party vibe.

The Bellagio

Talking of casino/hotel hybrids, the Bellagio is considered the last word in opulence and luxury, even by the mad standards of Vegas! This hotel/casino makes you feel like you are entering the world of the rich and famous, and it is somewhere you will want to stay, play and eat.

MGM Grand

The biggest and best of the Vegas casinos, the MGM Grand truly lives up to its name, with its casino floor considered to be one of the very best in the world, and the restaurant providing cuisine which is also second to none. You could spend your entire Vegas trip here and not feel like you had been short changed in any way.

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Photo credits: Las Vegas Pictures and HolidayOverThere on WordPress blog.  This is a contributed sponsored post from Brian Jensen, a Danish, freelance travel writer.